Time Check :-

Thursday 17.08.2017   21.00hrs CDTW – 8 days 18 hrs…

Penultimate weigh before the wedding … Scales time …. 17 stone 1 pound   Damn and blast that packet of crisps!

Off target by 9 pounds!

Now look at that Graph… can you see the 2 weigh in where it went up in the middle of July?

That was our holiday! We had a weeks inclusive in Spain… and do you know what ?

We had a great time … but let me stress some thing here…

WHY look at that small part of the picture?

Look at the incredible success story there ( I am not talking about this to big myself up … )

We are all guilty of this …

We constantly focus on what we haven't got right, instead of looking at the massive progress that has been made … over a hundred pounds off and I am getting bent out of shape over a 6.5 pound gain, which in all fairness was probably fluid retention after the flight!

I have a week to go before my daughters wedding, which if you remember the start of this incredible journey was one of my “reasons”

[ You can check out the first weigh in here ]

So To refresh … Penultimate weigh before the wedding … Scales time …. 17 stone 1 pound   Damn and blast that packet of crisps!

Now I could be disappointed by the fact I was 9 pounds overweight the week before my daughters wedding… but I had just had a 2.1/2 pound loss after a week where I had been out three times in the past 7 days, eaten a bacon cob at a car boot sale, and had 3 packets of crisps as I had been carb short in the week…

Are you Fucking Kidding me? 

I was so pleased at that… I was almost in target member mode, where I was able to live and loose at the same time…

I gave myself a really great pat on the back and realised that I was actually in a great place.

We Have To Live

I say this to so many people at Slimming World… and it is so true, We do have to live…

Well in the penultimate week to our Daughters wedding I had lived and lost HOW Great is THAT?

So in the final week to D Day ( Daughters Day)  I have had two great nights out dancing with Judi

Friday Night we went out into Leicester with our lovely Friends Cheryl & Rod, and met up with some other great friends who have helped us both ( well me Mostly ) overcome our ( My!)  hesitant steps onto the dance floor.

Actually Cheryl and Rod joked that Judi was doing a tour of the room talking to everyone! AND She was 

We have people we meet from Hinckley, Warwick Notts and our Home club, Braunstone, and here we were in “The Elms ” dancing to a live band with loads of new friends we have met through dance, and Judi was making sure she spoke to ALL Of Them!

So… Will I be at Weight for the wedding?

Well it means I have to get 1 pound a day off to weigh in on Saturday at that Target of 16 1/2 stone…

I have done that regularly since starting with Slimming World… so it is very achieve-able.

Will I do it?

Dunno… not that bothered to be honest, I am very happy to keep working at the current pace…

Max is leaving work to start his apprenticeship, so that is a visit to the Pub on Friday… but I will be the designated driver  just need to stay of the snacks!

 What Does All This Prove?

  • Fat People Can Get Thin?
  • Slimming World Works?
  • I find getting weight off easy?
  • Lorry Drivers can be Thin?


  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes

This is NOT About me… I want you, YES YOU… to just understand one thing

If You Do the work ( It is NOT hard… Just be consistent) You can do this…

And In all honesty

If You Do not get the results there are only two reasons

  1. You Are NOT following the plan
  2.  You Are Kidding yourself about following the plan

Remember the Important Rule?

[We Shall Not Lie To Ourselves]

I truly believe that if you get your head sorted and KNOW why you want to do this and be specific in that [Check out about Goal Setting Here] 

That You Can achieve the loss you are seeking

My Secret

If I have a secret to success, it is this

Anne, My Slimming World Consultant, said she believed I could do this. She believed I had the right reasons and the right attitude to get the job done,


Her belief was so important. It set me free … I just did the work based on the belief that it would work, and because of that and the work was enough to get the result


I believe that you can achieve the weight loss that you want to achieve.

It is not going to happen overnight, but I believe that your average weight loss in the next 6 months can be at least 3 pounds a week



I am sure if I can do this… YOU Can

Remember you Can email me anytime at steve@steve-greenhalgh.com

I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World



  • Because …
  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success