Steve Greenhalgh, This video is going to be about overcoming fear. In my experience, and I've been on this planet for, in relative terms, a very short time, but in human terms, I'm in the final semester. Let's put it that way. And in all my experience, whenever fear has held me back, there's only ever been one solution and that's just take action.

Ready Fire Aim

Online I've always had the mentality of ready, fire, aim.
If you wait till you're ready, you'll never start.
I know couples who got married when Judi & I got married, who are still waiting for everything to be right before they start a family. Guess what?
They ain't going to start a family now.  It's that waiting for perfection.

The Longer You Wait The More Difficult It Becomes
The longer you wait, the more difficult the perfection is to achieve.

So I'm going to talk about solutions or ways of just moving through it in this video.

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What Is The Secret?

So getting over your fears. You'll have probably heard of the acronym, MIA, which nine times out of 10 stands for missing in action. And it's a rather sad little way of saying “We think he's probably dead, but he may not be.” The only way I know to get through fear is MIA, but it doesn't stand for missing in action. It stands for massive imperfect action. Don't wait for things to be perfect before you start. I think my favorite analogy is the going swimming one.

Here Is An Analogy

When you're on the beach and the sea looks lovely and you're standing there in your swimming costume and you thinking, “Oh, I can't wait to go swimming,” and you just go and dip your toe in the water. “Oh my God, it's cold.” And then you go into your ankles and then you come out again and the body warms up again. And then you go back in. It's even bigger shock and it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. And it's really challenging. The only way you're going to get in that seawater, or even if it's a swimming pool, just jump in. You know you're going to have fun when you get in there. Just jump in. Get it over with. Don't faff about. Jump in. Do it. Feeling that fear and just doing it anyway. If you haven't read that book by Susan Jeffers, read the book. Please.

Just Do What Scares You

Have you ever taken the plaster off? Do you remember? And your mum would go, “This isn't going to hurt.” Rip. “Ah,” but it was off. Or you'd get in the bath and you'd be sitting there playing with it. Then you could feel every hair on your leg or on your arm being removed. And the pain became more and more and worse and worse. Just rip the bloody plaster off.

Massive Imperfect Action ~

Change your mindset. Massive imperfect action. My name's Steve Greenhalgh. You want to get unstuck. You want to get some traction. You going to have to do something. Put your foot down. Get some chains on your tires. Do whatever it takes. Just do something.

Speak Soon
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