Talking This Morning About Gratitude

However dire your situation feels, there's always something that you can find to be grateful for, about.
As I'm sitting here this morning, just having loaded and strapped, and getting ready to head down the road. These two days are the realistically easiest day's work I've ever done.
I love them. I love the drive.
I love being in my environment.
It gives me time to think. It gives me time to keep my head straight.
This is my space.

Pay Attention To The Small Things

I enjoy it, so why wouldn't I do it.
As I look around, I don't think you can see really over there, but the morning sky is absolutely stunning.
We miss these things at our peril. If you just look in that mirror, the early morning, the sunshine coming through is just absolutely stunning.
Why wouldn't you be grateful to be alive?
Okay. Maybe I'm not in the best place that I could be. But right now, I'm bloody happy with it.
If you want good things to come, you've kind of got to get the universe on your side and be grateful for everything that you have already.

The Universe Has Your Back

I don't know if that makes sense, but wherever you are now, you probably prayed to whatever deity or the universe or whatever you believe in, whatever,
“If I could just have that, I'll be eternally grateful.”
And then six months down the line you're going,
“Well, I don't really want that now because I want something else. I want this.” Sends out a very confusing message.
The universe is sitting there going,
“Well, you've had sweeties,
You've had some lemonade,
You've had ice cream.
And now you want a bloody ride on a donkey. Come on. What do you want?”
That's a very old joke, by the way. I can't tell that in here, it's filthy.

Gratitude Will Set You Free

Anyway, suffice to say, gratitude will set you free.
Doing regular content, becoming disciplined, will also set you free.
It's an incredible skill to have in your armory, knowing you can just turn a phone on and talk about that which is in front of you.
Using analogies, tie it back to whatever subject you're talking about.
Something that comes with a lot of practice, something that comes where you step into the fear and just carry on.

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