Getting Unstuck With Steve


Time to Cut Through The Crap and Break Open THAT True Version Of You

Find Out Who YOU ARE in This 2-Month Program with Steve Greenhalgh

 This Getting Unstuck Coaching is a 2-month coaching program designed to help you release those things in your life that are no longer serving you, connect with your inner wisdom, and the true passions in your life.


If You Love It,


Is the time

To Live It

In this 2-month coaching program, we will identify :

  • Where you are right now
  • What is good about that
  • What is not as good as you hoped
  • Establish where you want to be
  • What you need to change to get where you want to be
  • How you can achieve this

I will work with you on a weekly basis to guide you to your next steps to help achieve the goals that you have established.
It is essential that we connect with the clarity of the part of you that is the driving, ambitious self,
The core of who you are.
You will be guided through the coaching on how to do this through dialog and processes with me.
We meet once a week via “Zoom”, and go over your goals, and how you can just let go that which no longer supports you.

The Human Race is in the midst of a huge pivotal shift.
Out of the old and into the new.

New Ways:

  • Of Being
  • Of working
  • Of Interacting
  • Of Communicating
  • Of Learning
  • Of Living

“COVID” has happened to humanity and has in many ways been the catalyst that is showing us weakness… OUR weakness,

  • If your relationship is weak “COVID”  has poured the pressure on through the proximity of Lock Down
  • If Your Work was insecure “COVID”  has put a spotlight on the fragility
  • If you were abusing the planet with excess travel “COVID” certainly put a stop to that 
  • If a Government edict was less than beneficial for the planets ongoing health “COVID” shone a spotlight on that Too

There is a way of living in balance that is peaceful and harmonious even in the midst of the chaos presently happening. You can be achieve that balance with ease.

Establish clear goals of where you want to be and how you truly want to live
Then work your ass off to make it happen.
More importantly
You can work in a way that gives you balance, allows for more relaxed living, living in harmony with those who truly matter to you, and spending time doing what brings you pleasure, with those you love

In this 2-month course you will receive:

**A weekly Zoom session with Steve.
This will be guided by you, your progress, and what you need to move to the next stage.

You can always bring any challenges you find into these calls and we will work together to find workable solutions.

The direction we go in each session is based on where you are, and what you bring as you move forward.

Cost for this 2-month program is one payment of $899.00 or 3 monthly payments of $310.00

You will receive 8 phone sessions as we move through and help you to accomplish your goals and desired outcome.

If you are ready to start making changes in your life

Then as the old saying goes, it is time to make some changes in how you show up in your life, and this program is just what you need.

 For more information please don’t hesitate, email me now to book a free 15 minute discovery call Or click here to book that call now