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Words Like

Diet * Fat * Fat Bastard * Chunky * Arse * Sensible eating

I am a truck driver and I use the sort of language found in most truck parks across the world…

if you are of a gentle disposition, then this site is NOT for you


If You Can Handle The Language


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25 Stone +, 54 inch waist, New York, May 2016

Getting ready for, Las Vegas, October 2016

Las Vegas, October 2016 ... 48inch waist 22 stone

Desperately trying to be happy, 54 inch waist, God alone knows what weight!

36 inch waist, 19 1/2 stone, April 2017. Ready to learn more? Just click the link below

36 inch waist ... Malta April 2017 In My Peros Shorts

The Big Day

Just Hit 6 Stone At Slimming world 21/12/2018

The 7 Stone Award 26/4/2018

32 Inch Jeans are ON!

7 Stone Award

Face To Face Friday 27.04.2018

34 " Waist Jeans From M&S Goal Achieved... 15th May 2018 A very happy Mrs G. And an extremely happy SteveG

#SWUK Man Of The Year

With My Slimming World Consultant Toni…
This is a very embarrassed Steve G …

Who has Just had to stand up and speak to The Melbourne Evening Group

As Usual .. The Core Message :

When You KNOW  WHY …. How Is Easy

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