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Steve Greenhalgh has spent his life building businesses, by building people.


“When you know WHY … HOW becomes easy!”

Steve has spent his working life building businesses, by building teams.

By empowering people to grow into “The Best Version Of Themselves“.

Steve uses the tools and strategies that he has adopted throughout his life,

To determine Where YOU are Now, and then Where do you Want to Be.

Experience this through his transformational coaching,

That will truly define what it is you are searching for, and most importantly WHY you are searching for it.

You will leave with a route map of the actionable steps you need to implement,

To get you to the place you know you deserve to be.



When You Know Why, How is Easy

Business Without Bullshit

Up Yours and Move On 

From Fat Ass To Bad Ass

When You Know Why ~ You Find Out How


No Results Are Guaranteed. Individual Results Will Vary…The Training, products, and business systems we provide are for educational purposes. The Testimonials here are real, however just because others have achieved a certain result, should not be taken or even implied that you will have the same result. There will some people who do make money and others who do not. Individual results will vary greatly but will be determined by effort, determination, hard work, and the ability to follow directions.

Steve Greenhalgh T/A BCM Marketing Ltd.
19 Main Street Worthington, Ashby-de-la-Zouch LE 65 1RQ


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