The 5 Tips To Weight Loss Explained 1

#1 Booze, Probably My Worst Sin

Am I suggesting you stop drinking … Please do not be fucking stupid!

Of course NOT

Look, the whole point of this is,  Life Style changes

NOT short term, Quick Fixes. Which by definition will not work, Long Term.

However, you need to be honest with yourself,

I used to deny I had a problem.

I would buy an 18 pack of Stella at Tesco on a Sunday, telling myself that would see me through till next week …

TUESDAY    had to replace it by Tuesday!

I used to go out on a Sunday afternoon and park up at Scotch Corner … It meant not getting up at 02.00 on Monday and also meant I had more driving time on the Monday.

BUT it also meant I had more drinking time… mental … Parked up by 5.00pm… 4 cans gone by 6.00pm… then two drinks with dinner, bed after “The Archers”. Wake up at 6.00am feel like shite for the day…into Barnard Castle, shower and coffee… what a start to a week!

I do not think I was asleep … I was unconscious…

Is It Easy ?

No it is not, I really struggled, and to be honest when I made the decision to lose weight I completely cut drink out for 3 months.

I had to, and this is my personal choice, I had to break the habit… It is still ingrained to grab a beer after work, but now I have some self discipline and actually look forward to having a couple of pints when we go out …

have I stopped completely … Again Do Not Be Fucking stupid … No Of course not… and last weekend for my birthday I had two great sessions over the weekend … Friday night was an epic night, ending up with me asleep on the toilet at home … Plastered is the term I would use… absolutely fucked …

BUT … and this is the point … that weekend was just a 2 day party and I was back on the right path by Sunday afternoon, and even with all the excess I still lost weight by Thursday weigh in

In Brief

  • As a “Professional Driver,” should I really be getting pissed the night before a long drive?
  • Alcohol has a very high Calorie content, but the calories are not “good” so do not even give you energy or any goodness and they are hard to shift
  • Isn't it better to enjoy a pleasant drink with friends, than just trying anaesthetise yourself with strong alcohol?
  • Save it till you really enjoy it
  • Excess drink is really NOT good for your overall health
  • Save some Fucking cash

I am not saying turn into a tea total bore, or some sort of saint… MODERATION … and at Appropriate times…

If you are serious about weight loss… I lost 2 1/2 stone in January and February and 18 days in March … every year … Just by NOT drinking… When my dry time was over… on went the weight again… not over night, but certainly within 2 months… #guzzeler

Think about it !