The Five Tips Explained #4

Stop Eating Chocolate & Biscuits Instead of Quality Meals

Really? you need me to explain this?

Look I get how we munch, ok … I did it for years, I still do in all honesty…

The difference now is that I munch on stuff that if not good for me is not harmful!

I cut out the following food stuffs

  • Crisps
  • Biscuites
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Sweets
  • Cake
  • Peanuts
  • Cans Of Pop
  • Pastries

Basically, anything that came from the garage forecourt, that I bought during the day that was in addition to the food I brought from home.

When I say I cut them out. I do not mean I never have Crisps or any of the other stuff up there, ever.

What this means is that if I set off for Newcastle at Oh My God It's Early 02.30, I do not have a bag of Jelly Babies next to me, and get them finished in the first 30 minutes,

Or a twin box of Jaffa Cakes…

Instead I have good snacks… and I do NOT mean Boxes of those so called healthy nutrition bars, full of calories and that cost a bomb…

I take Ham Wraps, literally cold boiled ham wrapped around a strip of carrot or sweet pepper ( raw ) or some lettuce and garlic or a few grapes, asparagus… anything you like.

I also carry lots of fruit everyday… especially apples, oranges, pears and plums.

I have found lots of alternatives to the forecourt junk.

Are they the same?


Do they satisfy the cravings?

Bluntly at first NO… but that was as much due to my expectation as it was anything else.

I have to say KNOWING WHY  I wanted to lose weight got me through this stage.

I have been here before and, frankly, chomping on an apple at 4.00 am does not have the same impact, as, hmmm say a warm sausage roll or a couple of croissant and a mug of hot chocolate from Starbucks…

Obviously the two things are poles apart… BUT

And this is what matters

If you are serious about getting your weight under control … Then this is what we need to do.

I dare you to swap out two snacks a day for 30 days and just see what impact that will have have on your waistline.

So, yes, Go On … instead of an after lunch dose of a 4 pack of “Milky Way” or three Snickers Bars… or a pack of cinnamon swirls from the inevitable “Greggs”.

Please understand I have absolutely Nothing against “Greggs”, I love their food, I like the way they have positioned themselves in the market. I also know how well they train their staff.

“Greggs” is all about MY Lack Control, It is not the companies fault that I could eat every sausage roll they produce… I am just a greedy twat… but If I know that and still go in every day, some days it was twice a day( Especially in December #mincepies) grab a breakfast, something for lunch and then Top Up Again for afternoon teas!

This is all about changing my habits… and my behaviour.

If I went to “Greggs” now, I would just buy a single sausage roll, and a sandwich…and stay in control… it is that I buy in bulk pretending it will last me the week, and succumbing to temptation and scoffing the lot in 1/2 an hour…

I was not lying when I was asked how long it took to diesel up, when I replied. “4 sausage rolls and 2 cream eggs” sometimes I could fit a couple of mince pies in as well if I did both tanks!

Self Control Will Set You Free

I dare you to take the 30 day challenge, and swap your 11's and afternoon snacks for something healthy, a couple of pieces of fruit or some boiled ham…

Anything *”Free” from The Slimming World Book


• I will explain the concept of Free Foods at another time…

 Basically they are foods you can eat a lot of and still lose weight … Fruits are high Scores here … but there are plenty of alternative, stay away from processed foods, dairy and fats though