The 5 Tips Explained #2

 Cut Out Hi Sugar / Hi Energy Drinks

I have no axe to grind against any single brand here, if you are serious about getting the weight off.

You Need To Cut these out… End Of

They are just not good for you, and in an industry where diabetes can cause the loss of your vocational licence, ( let alone Toes,feet, limbs, Life!) Why would you bother.

I get it … I really do… Monday afternoon, last drop done, been on the road since 02.00… just done a 45 rest and you have and hour or so to drive to your parking…

Your eyes start, you feel it coming over you in waves… Grab a bull, or a relentless.

Yes you get a sugar rush and a caffeine hit, but within 15 minutes your body is pouring insulin into the blood stream to mop up the excess sugar… and the high soon plummets you straight back down. so another can… cycle goes round again, and soon that 6 pack of Red Bull, or whatever else you thought would last the week, is a crumpled mess in the passenger foot well. You feel shite and your body has just taken on board a huge load of sugar and un-useable calories…

Seriously… I did this so often… of course I added the obligatory crisps and chocolate…

Honestly here… if you are tired or drowsy, black coffee or tea, and loads of plain tap water are the best thing to keep you going.

Calorie free, fat free ( as no milk) and actually do help stimulate you …

Just drink this during your last 45 so the caffeine has a chance to get in and do it's job… otherwise you will get to your parking spot and be wide awake, and not be able to sleep so putting you into a worse state for tomorrow.

In a Nutshell

The Energy Drinks are BAD

They have such a high sugar content, they should seriously come with an obesity warning


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I know they seem like a great Idea… BUT …if you want to lose weight … lose these cans