Today we're going to be talking about patience.
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So, patience.

Are You Ready To Quit?

The number of times I see people working hard, doing the work, not quite getting the result that they imagined as soon as they'd hoped for, they quit. And they give up.

I Need Patience Right Now

I'm sitting here in a lorry, again, just for a change, and I'm on a dock waiting to be unloaded.
I've sat for an hour and 45 minutes, nothing's happened, and I've got a collection in 45 minutes an hour and a half away.
So I could throw my toys out the pram and drive off, but I've got a full lorry.
Even if I did that, how am I going to do the collection at the next place if I've still got all this bloke's parcels on?
They're obviously really busy.
There's a whole gaggle of trucks sitting here outside.
The staff are all outside the gate. I'm not sure what's going on.
But me losing my temper and getting cross, with myself, with the kit, with the lorry, with the people, none of that is going to help. Nothing's going to help.

Your Business Needs You To Be Calm

It's the same when you're trying to build any sort of business or you're trying to build a following.
You want it to happen so fast, and it never happens as quickly as you want it to.
Sometimes it feels like you're wading through treacle, sometimes it feels like you're going backwards.
You can think, “Well, everybody says just do the work and I'll get the results, do the work and I'll get the result.

I Am Doing The Work

I'm doing the work and I'm not getting the result.” I feel for you. But think about how far you've come in the time that you've been moving forward, just one step at a time.

Building Your Foundations

If we go back to when they were building skyscrapers in New York. For months there'd be the hoardings, and everything would be going on in the ground. You wouldn't see anything coming out of the ground. No steel, no concrete, nothing.

Suddenly There Are Results

The steel pops up, up it goes, no time at all. And that's like doing what we're doing online. You've got to build the foundations. You've got to have some group of people to come and examine. You've got to get your content out there. You've got to be consistent. It feels really counter-intuitive sometimes. You've just got to keep going through it. And it is challenging, but you just have to keep going. Even though sometimes it feels pointless.

Do NOT Chase Another Silver Bullet

The worst thing you can do is go out and chase another opportunity because then you're throwing away everything you've done and you've got to start over again.
It never pays off. It really never pays off.

Ask me how I know?
Done it too often.
Jumped ship, changed horse, done whatever.

I Promise You One Thing

Whatever horse you're riding, whatever race you're in, you've got a perfectly good enough horse, it's good enough to do the job. It doesn't have to be a thoroughbred stallion, it can be a little old Neddy, little old Dobbin, it will get you to the finishing line. Just stay the course. Okay?

You take care. Steve Greenhalgh Speak to you soon.

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