Sunday Preparation

Preparation Is The Key


Since before Slimming World [Well certainly since before my joining at any rate] I have done a weekly cook off.

It started when I was a Fisher Scientific, I had a 3 day run with two nights out with occasional stints of relief when an extra night would be needed.

I went through the phase of eating out every night…

But the calories aside ( even fish n chips or a curry after a 12 / 14 hour shift then straight to bed,or worse drink a few cans )

Well it gets expensive, financially and health wise…

So after a few years I came up with a plan of taking pre cooked meals with me that just needed re-heating.

The meals for day two were packed frozen. If they needed thawing I just left them out 12 hours before I wanted to eat… I only forgot a couple of times …

amazingly 30 minutes by the night heater thawed just about everything I ever had.

{TIP… If you want hot water for the morning leave a couple of litres in a hard plastic bottle ( We used Fisher Acid Bottles ) by the night heater outlet… ready for a strip wash when you wake up }

So What Do I Cook

I do a mixed peppers with mushroom,tomato and spring onion and spinach

and Chicken and Bacon


I am not going to go through the full method here it is pretty straight forward …

The Veg

    • I rough cut everything… bang it into a large wok, cook it hard, when the juice is released I add loads of pearl barley and rice
    • [I used to just boil the moisture off, but there is a lot of goodness in that so I use the rice and pearl barley to absorb the goodness
    • I then slow cook that for 40 minutes in my own ban marie, so as to avoid burning the rice and barley ( see the videos)
    • After about 20 minutes slow cooking I season and flavour
    • Season with salt, white and black pepper,
    • Flavour with 1/2 jar of lazy garlic and
    • 1/2 jar of lazy ginger…
    • some weeks I will add 4 teaspoons of lazy chilli…
    • BUT THAT IS HOT … so treat with caution


Chicken and Bacon…

  • Trim all fat of the meat
  • This would seem wasteful, and
  • Every time I can hear my Dad Screaming wastrel in my head
  • But we need to be ultra conscious of what we eat …
  • so trim it all Be Brutal
  • Dry Fry, and drain all released moisture..
  • Repeat
  • Repeat
  • There will be a lot of moisture… super markets love selling us water at £3.50 per kilo
  • Season as above less the salt
  • I use 1/4 of a tub of white pepper on the meat…
  • It really is lovely…
  • BUT
  • Season to your taste
  • I put the other halves of the garlic and Ginger in the meat
  • When it is dry and has stopped releasing the water…


Check out the videos below … it really is not rocket science.

I eat this cold on most days, about 4 large spoons of the pepper mix with a large helping of the Chicken and Bacon mix.

If I am out or need it hot.

I stir fry the veg till steaming hot, add two beaten eggs till scrambled and then break the chicken and bacon over the top cold.

I am wary of re-heating the meat in the cab, as I would not be sure of getting it up to a high enough temperature to make sure it was safe …

I was less cautious in my youth … but you only have to get caught short once and end up shitting in a box … to learn that lesson!


Video 1


Video 2

Video 3

The FInished Product


If you do not fancy this or any other variation you can think of…

Then Please

  1. Find a way of doing it for yourself that you will eat
  2. Fuck it off completely and find something else
  3. Just quit on yourself and stay Fat

This is now a staple, go to meal for my wife and I.

  • If we come home late or we are in a rush or just plain hungry
  • We always have a meal ready in the fridge
  • It is completely FREE as per Slimming World
  • So we can eat as much as we want, without worrying about Syns
  • We enjoy it

I truly believe that is the key, if you are not going to enjoy eating this stuff, then basically YOU WILL NOT EAT IT!


Good luck with your weight loss

I am sure if I can do this… YOU  Can

Remember you Can email me anytime at
I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World  

  • Because …
  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success