What Can I Eat

When I started at Slimming World I determined to make my weight loss as simple as possible…

I did not want to have to count calories or weigh food or any of that shit … I just needed a regime of being able to eat stuff that would help me lose weight… Luckily Slimming World Do just that!

If You Check out this image properly Look at the stuff on the left



That is what You Can EAT   all day if you want … as soon as I realised this I was in … I mean I was in anyway … but this single image converted me

I have NO INTENTION of typing out all that information in that image

So Check these two as well it will help before you Join Slimming World

When you join Slimming World You will get your foood optimising book and that contains all the lists of foods you can and cannot eat

You are even allowed up 15 syns a day, for women    and up to 20 a day for men ( No Idea why the differential … it just IS!)

I do not use my syns on a daily basis… I save up and blow em out on a night out…

Look I love a pint, but honestly a single pint is pretty pointless… I always have at least 4 if I go to the pub … it just feels right for me …

I have switched away from Stella though now and prefer stuff like Pedigree or Bass … Traditional bitters … I actually really enjoy them now

When You look at my weight loss history especially in the early days you will see how quickly the weight was coming off.

That trend continues right up to this day … I am not at Target yet partly because I really do not know what my target weight is …

I do know my target size though 35″ waist line…

I am so close I can feel it … and a lot of the final gathering in is going to require a lot of effort on the exercise front as there is so much flabby skin to tighten up …but that job is in hand now.

And Because I have lost so much weight, guess what? The exercise is no longer difficult.

I am currently in Spain having a weeks rest before my daughters wedding…

and I have to say I am so much fitter than I ever used to be

I can walk for miles and I have averaged just under 6 miles a day since we have been here..

I am sure not going to beat myself up if I over eat or drink  while we are here … I just know I will be able to crush it when I get back next week…

Following that simple plan Of Eating as much Free food as possible, have the healthy extras, mine is milk for my coffee …

And I save my Syns  for a weekend trip out 😉


Did you read the post about What you can and cannot drink?

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Still tempted by The Hi-Energy Drinks? Get The Low Down Here

I am sure if I can do this… YOU  Can

Remember you can email me anytime at steve@steve-greenhalgh.com
I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World  

  • Because …
  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success