Good morning. How are you? Steve Greenhalgh, It's Sunday, the 8th of August. I'm on my way up north to Aberdeen again. And on my way in this morning, in the way into the yard, rather sad news about a guy called Dennis Thomas, Dee Tee, from Kool & The Gang who passed away in his sleep overnight, aged 70. And that's a sad loss to the music business. I loved Kool & The Gang's music growing up. It was so vibrant, so full on, so happy. Go and have a look on YouTube for Kool & The Gang. Absolutely brilliant.




Why am I mentioning it? Well, yeah, it's sad and R.I.P. Dennis. Rest In Peace, Rise In Glory. Memories, thanks for them. Absolutely stunning musician. But he's 70. I'm 62. Three score years and 10 is but eight years away. It focuses the mind. So many things I haven't done. So many things I promised myself I would do. An endless bucket list with very few ticks. And I don't think I'm going to die at 70, but I'm sure Dennis didn't either. I'm pretty sure I've given myself a greater chance of living past 70 by getting my weight under control and controlling some of the incredibly damaging habits that I was living and enjoying.

And I've felt this for a while. I've got away with smoking 40 cigarettes a day, drinking 10 cans of Stella a day, half a bottle of spirits a day. I've come out the other side incredibly fit. And I think that's happened for a reason. I'm sure that I've been given the opportunity of a quality life for a purpose. I don't know what the purpose is yet, but I'm sure it's to do with helping other people get control, helping other people over combat demons, helping other people get control of their addictions, helping other people recognize their addictions.

Is 10 cans of Stella a day too much? I don't know. If you can't not drink 10 cans of Stella in a day, maybe it is. If, when you try and stop it, it's a struggle, I think you've got a problem. I had. In many ways, still have. I still find it challenging not to have a drink, and when I can have a drink, I tend to go too far with it. So I don't think I'm cured, or over it, or past it, but I think I'm dealing with it better than I used to do.

So, this week I've made a commitment to myself, and in sharing it with you I'm looking for a level of accountability, to do all the things that I promised myself I will do before it's too late. I've got two stones to lose. I need to get fit again. Back on the rowing machine five days a week. Get into some training. Sort this audience malarkey out, build a quality audience, develop my own products and start creating a residual ongoing income. Get this digital business sorted. As Brendon Burchard said, you can change your life in six months. Anything longer is procrastination. Quite a scary thought. But then, I'm 62. Got eight years. Eight years, plus whatever the day it is or the universe say, “Go on, you can have a bit of a bonus.” About eight years. Now is the time.

Now, if you haven't come across my videos on YouTube before, the Subscribe button down here, click that. Ring the notification bell. Give us a thumbs up if you like it. By all means, leave a comment. Always happy to hear from you. What's number one on your bucket list? What's the one thing that you must do before you move on? What's the most important thing on your bucket list? And I share them. My bucket list is humongous. But number one, I want to take my wife on a canal cruise, simple as, and we keep finding reasons not to. Just go on a long boat, a narrow boat and go for a week. Probably Llangollen. Go over that great big viaduct. Number one. Get that done next year. What are you going to do next year? What are you going to change to make sure you can do it this year?

You take care. Speak to you soon. Steve Greenhalgh, Let's make this shit happen.