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Being In Control

So, being in control, what are we talking about?
How can we be in control?
We're always in control of us,
how we feel,
how we respond.
People say, oh, you really need to get a grip of your life.
Don't let things buffet you, don't let things upset you.
And that's very true. But, at the end of the day, you can't control what the rest of the world is going to do to you.
You can only control, how you respond.

We See This In All Walks Of Life

A classic example, from out on the road.
I arrived at this regional distribution center, an RDC, about an hour ago.
They've not called me on to unload me yet.
I've only got seven pallets.
But, they're just not ready for me.
There are three other lorries, in front of me.
So, you just have to sit and wait your turn, and not get stressed, and make the most of it.

Alwaysw Look For A Positive Outcome

I've been doing some work. I've got my laptop with me. And there are other drivers running around, throwing things around, and saying, “Well, I've been here for half the bloody day.” The only people they're hurting are themselves.
The distribution center staff, aren't going to work any faster. They're not going to try anymore. They'll, probably, put you in the back of the queue, just to really upset you. I was going to say something else. I thought, perhaps I hadn't.

Our Response IS All We can Control

How we respond, is our only way of controlling our environment. And keeping in control of that environment is really important. And by default, keeping in control of ourselves, try to stop being reactive, get control of your daily tasks.
Know what it is, that you're setting out to do each morning, tick those tasks off, and get them done.

If you are in control, of what you're planning, if you are in control, of what goes on in your day, you will have a much happier life.

Remember The Old Prayer

Being overly reactive, or overly responsive, can be very corrosive, and very destructive, and bloody tiring, honestly. So, my advice is, when something goes not quite according to plan, or goes completely off plan, breathe. Take a big breath. Give yourself a chance, to assess what's going on. And then, make the most of everything, that you can do. And let go of the things, that you can't control. Okay?

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