Afternoon. How are you? It's five past three. I guess most of you are parked, or parking up and stopping now. Or if you're just pushing to get that last drop done, been there, done that, hurtling towards Weston-super-Mare to get a good night's sleep in an industrialist state every Monday.
That's the way to go.

Hey Joanna, how are you doing?


So mindset, if you don't mind, it don't matter.
Last week, I've had a bit of a major shift really, what with all the plant based stuff and everything like that. And I think the whole point about weight loss and guarding your weight is to simply believe in your own shit … … really it is THAT simple.

Stability Of Maintaining

I've been stable now for two years, two pound on the side of fifteen stone, (Approx 95 Kg)

It maybe the odd week where I've had a big blow out like Christmas or a family wedding or something like that, but be it seven on, then  seven off,

it's stability  Stability is incredible.

You Can Always Just Start Again

Last week I decided sort of draw a line in the sand, pretend I'm starting again.

And I just want Ten Pound Off.
I've just lost it. I've just lost it

Ten pound.

You're going to be at break even with Christmas. So it's pound a week for the next ten weeks. Or a half a pound a week for the next twenty weeks. Either way, that will get me to where I really want to be.

It'll be a slow approach, nothing drastic, nothing stupid, manageable.

All right? And that will mean I can carry on living.

Living A Life That Is Fun

And that's really the point of what I'm trying to share with the whole StuckinaTruck thing, being able to live a life that's fun and that you can enjoy without giving everything up.

You Have `To Know Why

There must be something. You must have some reason that you want to lose weight or get in control.
I know why I had to.
If I hadn't done it, I'd have lost my vocational license with diabetes.
It's reversible. Honestly, it really is.
And you don't need to go down all meds and injection crap either.
So if that's what's bothering you, get in touch. If you just hate being so big, get in touch.

You Must Be Consistent

It's easy to start. It's difficult to keep going, but it's the keeping going that really, really matters.

And start working out what it is that you want.


Because when you know that, when you know what it is that you want to achieve, you can do it.

And like the thing says, it's mind over matter and it's getting this mindset right.

That's all it is. And when you get that bit right that bit, the journey from ear to ear, once that's sorted, everything else will click into place.


All right, take care, stay safe and speak to you soon.

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