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You can lose weight without running, jogging, exercising.

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Today I'm going to be talking about outrunning your fork.
It's a really important subject, and it sounds a bit weird, but you cannot outrun your fork.
You will have been to the doctor's and you will have been told eat less, do more.
Crock of shit. Sorry, it's a crock of shit.

As long as you're putting the right stuff in, you will lose weight, okay?That's what we're going to be talking about. I'll see you in a moment.


Hey, how are you? Sorry we're a bit late. I've had a very busy day and I'm just cooking tea.
We're having filet steak and sweet potato fries. We're looking forward to it and got a bit of broccoli as well.
You can't outrun your fork.
What the fuck is that about?

Exercise Is Good For You

Well, in group last night, we were talking about weight loss and people were saying,
“Oh, I didn't do the exercise this week, so I've not had the loss.”
It's not strictly true. If you're eating the right foods, you will lose weight, whether or not you're exercising. Okay?

You cannot outrun your fork.

Do The Sums

If you look at the amount of calories that you burn by doing, say an hour on a cross-trainer, it's about 800 calories that you could burn.
You think about what food contains 800 calories, it's two bags of crisps, right?
You've got an awful lot of cross-training to do, to get rid of the food that we're consuming on this Slimming World Plan. All right?
The most important thing is getting the input right. If you get the input right you'll lose weight, whether or not you're exercising.
And if you maintain the right input, it's like a power plant or a power station.
If you run down the coal supplies the power output every week, whether you put in 400 ton of coal in or 350 ton of coal in, the power output will stay the same.

Put The Right Food In

And that's exactly the same with your body. What you need to do is reduce the input, reduce the calorific value.
You will never outrun your fork and you should never try.
And that's the problem when you go and you're seen by a health professional, and they say,
“You need to eat less and do more.”
And then you beat yourself up.
You do eat less and you do, do more and you don't lose weight.

The Doctors Do NOT KNOW

So … you go back to the doctor and they just go, “Yeah, well, you're obviously not doing it because if you'd  you've eaten less and you'd done more, you would have lost weight.”

Crock of shit. Don't be sold on that bollocks.

The Solution

I'll be sharing stuff into the group about the right food and the right input.
I promise you if you eat right, you will lose weight.
Have a look into the description of this video later, and I'll put a link to the right foods.
Eat those, balanced diet.
You can have pasta, you can have chunky potatoes.
Just watch what you put in with them. All right?

Well, it's been a real quick call. It's Friday night. I'm chilling. I'm going to get a beep from the oven in a minute. You look after yourself, okay? Any questions, put them in the link below.
And remember,

Don't Struggle Alone

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