I wonder if you remember why I started this weight loss campaign…

Trying To Blend In !

Well apart from my getting worried about being thrown of a flight to New York, because I could not do my seat belt up.

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My Daughter, Sarah getting married, on Saturday 26th August… and really … I did not want to look like this in the pictures.

If you have been reading the story to date you will know

  • Start Weight In February 22st.
  • My Target Weight was 16st 7 pounds
  • Weight at last weigh in 16st. 13pounds
  • Loss of 5 st 1 pound
  • Achieved in 25 weeks
  • 6 pounds off target

I believe the holiday in Spain contributed to the miss… however

If you start this ( hate the word ) journey.

I truly believe that your success will come only, if you learn to forgive yourself, and move on fast..

Look One bad meal or a single bad choice is not the end of the world.

So… get over it, forget about it, Get Back ON PLAN … And MOVE ON.

I have always worked on the principle that I have 21 meals a week… if I have a bad one or even two or three …

Then that still leaves 18 times when I can make the right choice   and that is enough.

I hear so often that some one has given up on the week because the had a sausage roll, or a bacon cob…

Feeling Awesome

PLEASE do not kid yourself into this false set of truths…

WEIGH The sausage roll,is that honestly responsible for you gaining a pound or two in a week…


As I said in the early days … [Click Here :- It Starts]


If You are Not getting The Results You Want  There are Two Reasons

  1. You are NOT doing the work
  2. You are lying to yourself about doing the work
  • It is as simple as that,
  • if you do the work
  • and stick to the plan

YOU WILL Lose Weight

This is my proudest moment, to date.

But do you know the best news?

Because I have taken the action to get my fitness back,

I have a much better chance of being there for the next three weddings ( Should that be the path they take)

and, to enjoy the Grandchildren as and when they start to appear.


I am sure if I can do this… YOU  Can

Remember you Can email me anytime at steve@steve-greenhalgh.com
I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World  

  • Because …
  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success