You may remember that even at my first weigh in… I was not happy to set a weight target

Instead I set a size / waist measurement.

As you can see I wanted to be 35″ waist … but even more specifically,

I wanted to buy a 36″waist Trouser from Marks and Spencer and have them reduced by a taylor to 35 inch!

Goals Need To Be Specific

Well that is true, the more specific, a goal is, the more likely you are to achieve it…

So  …  when this happens

I was hugely excited … That target had eluded me for nearly 2 1/2 months I hit 6 stone twice…

First time on 21st December, then again on the 15th February!

I was close to delirious…It was satisfying to hit that number..

15 !/2 stone and what is more I went through target by 1 1/2 pounds

I did not just hit target I smashed through it

Target was 15 stone 7 …

Weight recorded on 8th March 2018

15 Stone 51/2 … a 3.5 pound loss in that last week …


Happy ? I was Fu*^ing Ecstatic… then it settled, the euphoria started to wear off and I remembered my target as outlined above…

To buy a 36″waist Trouser from Marks and Spencer and have them reduced by a taylor to 35 inch!

I had intended to wear the 36 ” trousers I had in the wardrobe at home, to weigh that night… but I really didn't want to jinx weigh-in…

My Slimming World Rep, Toni, was really really happy for me too.

Everyone in Group was. It was such a good feeling…

But that nagging doubt at the back of my mind was … will those pants fit? and actually be lose?

I had to know… before I accepted I was at Target … I guess I knew …

Target NOT Achieved!

OK so I have achieved my temporary weight target … but I have to be brutally honest and say Target Not Achieved!

I truly believe that in the whole of this weight loss journey, HONESTY, especially honesty to yourself is crucial, no… essential!

So when I go back next week I will not be a Target Member... I will reset down to 14 1/2 stone … I know I can get down to that but importantly, on the way down, I may get to the size I need to be, for the right size of trousers to fit me …

35 inch trousers From Marks and Spencers… and so I can realistically say

Target Not Achieved…

Am I disappointed? No not really… I suppose a little bit … it has been an exciting time to get so close… but right now I am so into weight loss, I can truly feel that I can carry on down to what ever weight I want to achieve…

New Target ?

No… The Target remains exactly the same, I want the trousers I have in the wardrobe to be an inch too big for me so that I have to have them altered.

It is not all weight control either, there is quite a lot of lose skin to reduce down … so there will be fair amount of rowing to do, to get where I want to go.

What I can say regarding weight target is that when I get to 14 1/2 stone I will stop shedding weight and completely focus on skin toning…

It may even be that I achieve size target before I get to 14 1/2 stone.

When I do that I will re-set my weight target to correspond to the size achieved.

So What?

What has this got to do with you?

I share all this to demonstrate

  • My Thought process and
  • Real self accountability
  • Honesty

Honesty … being honest with yourself is I believe crucial…


Sometimes when I have felt robbed on weigh in … I could have kept believing that I deserved a loss… but, when I honestly analysed what I had done during the past 7 days, I could see where I had slipped and strayed off plan… From this honesty I could truly change what I was doing and more importantly FIX where I had gone wrong… Without that essential honesty I would continue to feel I had been cheated and that would mean I would stop doing the work.

The result of that process, was during the next 7 days, I would get a loss, and I would truly deserve it.

So the point of what I am doing is really making progress and changing my lifestyle… and the most essential part of the process is that self honesty.

Thou shalt NOT deceive yourself!

Stay Tuned for the next set of losses …

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