Thursday 24th May 2018… OMG….

This was a bit of a shock… as I have always felt a bit like “Peter”

{Check out This Link … Funny Things about SW  Go To Nummber 11!}

To be honest I do not feel that special, I just

  • did the work..
  • stayed “On Plan”
  • was honest
  • Knew what I wanted to do
  • Knew WHY I needed to get it done
  • Kept myself accountable
  • Never Missed Group


Group Is Where The Magic Happens

I never met or heard anyone who achieved anything of note who did it all on there own …

Sports stars, business men, guru's, they all have some one, or a team of some one's

who will keep them accountable. People who pick you up when shit goes wrong

Because this shit does go wrong.

Staying to Group after weigh in seems so obvious to me…

Sharing space and time with people who are on the same mission as me … who have the same challenges as me, has always been the right thing to do …

People have a fear of the scales … I never have …

I only weigh once a week and yes I always try to wear similar clothes each time I weigh in …  {See Number 1 / 2 }

I treat the scales as my tracking… to make sure the food and exercise is on track… If you do not know and record your numbers how do you KNOW if this is working.


Do A Food Diary, Take pictures and share them of meals you eat, exercise you do …

have accountability partners that will check you are plan by viewing the pictures and making sure you have everything right.

Hand your food Diaries in so your SW Consultant can help you … they will see where it is going wrong ( If it is!) and be able to get you back on track

Be Honest

  • When you fill in your diaries
  • When you record your exercise
  • when you share your challenges
  • when you do your self analysis of the last week.
  • when you have a drink ( A bottle is NOT a glass of wine … no matter how big a glass you have )
  • When you measure your Food
  • when you have your Healthy Extra A's and B's
  • When you Record your SYN's
  • Oh yes RECORD YOUR SYN's otherwise You Will Fail


Trust Your SW Consultant

This is pretty basic, but it is imperative.

Your SW Consultant is the one person, apart from yourself, who can really help get you to that target weight.


  • you have to be honest,
  • with the info you share with them,
  • You have to trust what they are telling you
  • Believe they know what they are doing … because they do …


Remember you can email me anytime at

I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World

Because …

  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success… BUT lets NOT kid Ourselves