The Choice is Yours

A Good friend of mine Guy Ferdman, once challenged me about the results I was getting in my on line business.

Steve, if you are not getting the results you are either :

  • Not doing the work or
  • You are lying to yourself about doing the work

I thought he was being a bit harsh at the time, however upon reflection I realised he was right…

I was good at kidding myself, I was busy… but I was NOT productive…

This applies to all areas of our lives, just the same as last week when I gained 3 pounds.

I was truly kidding myself that I was on plan … I really wasn't as that blog showed…

If You Do The Work You WILL Get The Results

So Last week I hit it hard, Syn free all week … well apart from 2 syns I allocated to the gravy…

Check out the result here :-

So I did the work or followed the plan and look at the result

5 pounds off

I am not sharing this with you to show off or rub your nose in the fact that you may have cheated on yourself by having a packet of rolos

I am sharing this to say If a fat twat like me can get this result


Accountability Rocks

The whole point of this website and the Facebook group is to provide YOU with support and an accountability partner.

I cannot do the work for you, but, right now, I probably believe in your ability to get to the weight you want far, more than you actually believe in yourself!

I can help you achieve that weight and I will be here cheering for you all the way.

I know it is hard, and I know that some times I have fallen and had a massive chocolate session or a binge on beer …

WE ARE ALL HUMAN … you are allowed to make mistakes, and you are allowed to fail, fall off, fuck up, screw up, go off the rails what ever you want to call it… the only thing to remember is to just draw a line in the sand, again, and start again.

I do not care if your sand pit looks like a shunters yard, as long as you keep starting again and being honest with yourself … You Will Succeed…

Please get in touch when ever you need a chat … was started for just this purpose … please Use it

Remember you Can email me anytime at

I am always happy to hear from you and to help you with genuine weight challenges

I always recommend Slimming World

Because …

  • If You Do The Work,
  • It Works!

Here's to your continued success… BUT lets NOT kid Ourselves