Hey, good morning. How are you?

I'm Back on the road again.
Pulled in at Lockerbie on my way back from Aberdeen.

14 days of lockdown. How much fun was that?

Or 14 days of self-isolating for a test that we've got no reference number for, for any of the tests that haven't even happened.

Four of us in the house, none of us with symptoms, but one of us with a positive test. Did all the things right, phoned the boss on the way up to Aberdeen two weeks ago. Stop, come back, stay there, carry on. Make your fucking mind up. We can't come back to work until she's had a negative, you've had a negative. Seven days after that, you've got to have another negative. I was going to off until fucking January. Anyway, we self-isolated for 14 days, with no symptoms. Yes, please, we'd like to come back for work.

Here we are back on Hydraroll again.
I absolutely love that system. I really do.
I did a couple of short, but I can slot in later about how it works.
I don't know if any of you used Hydraroll.
I think of all the years I've been lugging pallets up and down and dragging them off with tail lifts and pump trucks and got all those years on Zara, doing 30 odd pallets a night off the back of an Arctic into a store.

With this, I just lift the front end up with the unit, drop the back, the suspension on the trailer, put the air into the floor and the rollers come up and everything just rolls gently to the back.

Lift it with a forklift, ease off, and the next one comes down, and the next. It's like having a walk-in floor without having a walk-in floor.
You can use it on pallets, you can use it on… I've got CLPs on, and you can do it on CDMs for airlines. You've got the pods that have got the shape of the plane, that they just roll them into the plane. I think that's where Hydraroll started so that they can move freight quickly between warehouse, onto a truck, roll it off the truck onto a lift, and then to the side of the plane, and the whole planes have got rollers in the floor so you can push everything in.

It's frictionless, so you can move really heavyweight very, very easily. Come up fully freighted, ACMPs, and go back with six empties and one half loaded. It's literally 10, 15 minutes. offload a full artic, less than that to load it because I just back on to the dock and they just push them on if it's ready. If it's not ready, then it's like anywhere else, you sit for hours.

I'm sure most of you have seen it, but for me, it was… All those years on Fisher doing multi-drop, off the back of a 17 Tonner.
Pump trucks, pallets of chemicals.
I went to Newcastle University in the winter, moving a full pallet of solvents off the back of the truck and just onto the ice.
It took you 40 minutes to clear a path from the back of the truck into the stores with salt and a shovel. We used to have to carry bags of bloody salt. Yeah, life is a lot happier and a lot better really with it, us to COVID and the track and trace.

Coming up through Newcastle, Metrocentre was absolutely dead. Not a car in sight. Got to Sterling, well maybe it's done dead. Anyway, it was a big task to go on route, and you couldn't see a space in the car park. But then I think Scotland's different. But just absolute mental. The roads don't feel like the first lockdown did. I think there are a lot more people traveling than there should be. Gumtrees are back up saying essential travel only. I've got to see Aunt Mabel. What fucking essential is that? Anyway, not to worry.

How are you all doing?
How's your weight loss? I've started on the trackback down again until we got to this week, will have no doubt put it all on again. Really, I'm stable as far as I'm not going much over 16.4, but I'm not losing consistently, which is what I'm trying to do. I think the clue is in the fact that I'm only trying, I'm not really getting on with it if that makes sense. Just trying something isn't particularly good. I think you really do need to make a determined effort and stick to the rules. You've got no wine at the moment. I'm really quite happy not bothering with it, honestly. As long as I can still wear 34-inch waist jeans, that'll do.

With all the hassle, I've been quite worried about Judy, to be honest with you. She's got a chest infection that's really knocked her sideways where she's not been very happy, not been very well. Talking to the paramedics when they came out to see her Tuesday, said, “How is it out there?” He said, “Oh, COVID is real.” Said, “But the challenge we're tracking to trace, if you've got a sniffle of a cold, it'll show as a positive test, which doesn't help.” But the person who they had attended directly before us, 65, oxygen saturation of the blood was under 55. Said it was about 50%. If it's under 60, apparently cells start dying. They said, “We took him into the hospital, but it's unlikely he'll recover from that.” They've had him on bottled oxygen for 70, 80 minutes when they arrived, and his blood stats never improved. Even putting pure blood in there, the virus was stopping oxygen transportation around the body. That's kind of what it does. It congests the lungs, it inhibits aeration. It really is, it's a killer when you get it. Yeah, it's serious. But they're not helping themselves with track and trace, that's for sure. But it is what it is. It's very easy to sit here and throw stones at the government. They've never seen anything like this before have they?

Anyway, luckily, here again, hee ha.
See you all in the week, if not earlier than that.
Just put your hands up if you've seen Hydraroll or ever used it. I absolutely love it.
Certainly, the easiest work I've ever had.
Everything's under seal.
That's because it's going airside, so that's slightly more security conscious. It doesn't truly impact on hours or routes or anything like that. By swapping change routes every week, I never go the same way twice. Here we are in Lockerbie again, it says. I'll, I don't know, maybe do 66 or [inaudible 00:08:06]. We'll see how it feels when we get there.

Don't Struggle Alone

if you're struggling with anything, just PM me. PM me in this group and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You take care. Nice to see you. Take care. Bye-bye.

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