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Hi, welcome back to Stuck In A Truck.
My name's Steve Greenhalgh. Nice to see you.
Today I'm going to be talking very briefly about a quick, quick recipe.
Now I did this when I came home from a Slimming World meeting after I had a bad result and there's nothing prepared, which is a danger time.
But I also used to prepare this when I was out on the road in the truck.
I had a two-kilowatt inverter and this electric pressure cooker, and when I was single-manned or double-manned, it was the easiest and quickest way to get a good meal at the end of a cold and horrible day.

You know when you're doing caravan work and you've had one of those days!

  • Where no matter what you do, {it's pissing down with rain,}
  • you can't get the bloody thing onto the bed,
  • your winch snaps.
  • If it can go wrong, it will go wrong,
  • and you're stuck in the middle of nowhere.


That's when you need a hot meal and that's when this piece of kit that I'm going to introduce you to really comes into its own.

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I hope you enjoy the video. See you soon.

We've got

  • three peppers,
  • a big handful of the mushrooms,
  • a small piece of chicken,
  • and some greenery. {I think it's a bit of rocket}
  • with some rice
  • and an Oxo Cube.I think I'll put the lid on that now and in 15 minutes, dinner will be served. Come back in 15.Finished. Rice is cooked. Chicken's there. All in. A nice meal for one. Just 15 minutes in the slow cooker. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I love this pot. Right then, that's what it looks like. Steve's Mediterranean Chicken.There you have it. 20 minutes from fridge to plate. Doesn't matter how many portions. That would do four portions in 20 minutes that pressure cooker. It's incredible. Really love it. Dead easy to clean. We used to keep our ingredients pre-cut but not pre-cooked, pre-cut in an icebox. So we got the chicken and the veg and the rice, throw it all in, works a treat every time. See you next week.
    You take care. Bye.Click here to buy the inverter here for the pressure cooker

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