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Welcome back to StuckinaTruck. My name's Steve Greenhalgh, and today I'm going to talk to you about getting out of your comfort zone, how to get out of your comfort zone.

Some really good tips.

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To Make A Start

You want to know how to get out of your comfort zone.

Let me ask you a question that is probably more relevant than you imagine.

What is it that you're trying to do that has made you notice that you're in a comfort zone, that you're trapped in a cycle of behavior that you can't get out of?

Have You Identified a Habit To Break?

What are you trying to achieve that needs you to change your behavior?
Habits are really difficult to break. We go to a place where we're working by habit. We do it by rote. We're saving energy, and to step outside of that habitual act is really challenging. So for some reason, you've identified that you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Number One Tip

Why are you trying to do that? Write down exactly why you're trying to get out of your comfort zone, what behavior you're trying to create, what's the result that you're looking for? Because when you get clarity on why you're doing something, finding out how will become so much easier.

Second Big Tip

Bring a value or recognize how much the new behavior matters to you.

Make it really important.

Make the achievement of that goal so much more important than the fear of the action that you're going to have to take. You'll go through, over, around. You'll do whatever it takes, and having that do whatever it takes attitude is important.

My third and most important tip

Is getting used to being out of your comfort zone.

In all areas of your life, when you grow accustomed to that nervousness, that feeling of being out of your comfort zone, that feeling of leaning into fear, when you do that often enough, you recognize it for exactly what it is.

It's like a self-protection feeling. And our subconscious is trying to keep us safe from something that it perceives to be dangerous.

It really isn't.

It goes back to our prehistoric ancestors where we needed that fight or flight response.

Thing is, we're changing a habit. We're not trying to escape from a saber tooth tiger.

So the more we practice going into that strange feeling, that nervousness.

For example, yesterday, I was on a long Drive a drive I do regularly from East Midlands Airport to Aberdeen Airport and back again.

I have a regular route and places where I stop habitually.

So yesterday I came back the wrong way.

Oh my giddy goat. The sat nav was off, I was looking at road signs all the way.

Got to be careful for height, width restrictions.

I felt very uncomfortable, but I knew where I had to get.

I couldn't revert because I would have run out of driving time.

I couldn't go back to the old habit.

I had to keep going.

I was on nervous tension all the way.

The more you do that in every area of your life, if you have a set routine in the morning, change it round.

Get uncomfortable. Understand that that lack of comfort is not going to hurt or kill you.

I hope that these tips helped.
I regularly try and lean into my fears and get out of my comfort zone.

There's a link in the description beneath here to a lovely little book by Dr. Susan Jeffers, which is Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.

A Fabulous book. I Really recommend that you read it. Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

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