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Explaining the way I really found my reasons why

I truly believe that when you have a big enough reason to do this


It is NOT rocket science

If I could share probably the most important thing tho …

Stop treating this as a Diet …

Diets inherently suggest that this temporary …

To Get the weight off… and then KEEP IT OFF

You need to change your lifestyle

Address the reasons why you abuse food and ( In my case DRINK)

Do Not get me wrong I am not anti Drink I still enjoy a beer or 10…

BUT I can never go back to abusing alcohol as I used to do
As the title suggests
When You Know WHY…

You WIll Find out HOW And I promise When it MATTERS …


Good Luck

If anything I've said interests you, by all means,

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Good morning, well, good afternoon now. How are you? Welcome to Stuck in a Truck Monday Live. A big welcome to all our new members, or people that… You're not members. You've not joined anything. You've just joined the group over the weekend. Welcome to you. I'm not sure if you come in through TikTok, or you found the website or videos on YouTube. But whichever, you're here. Good to see you. And every one of you that I've let in over the weekend, it's all been about weight loss.

Knowing why you're here is pretty critical. And figuring out why you want to lose weight is going to be the one thing that helps you do it more than anything else. I can point in the right direction for recipes, good food to eat, things that you need to do to enhance weight loss, but unless you really know why you're doing it, you'll quit. And how do I know that? Because I was obese for 20 plus years, and I used to pay lip service for weight loss.

I used to say, “Oh, I can lose weight whenever I want to.” And every year, to prove that I wasn't an alcoholic, I'd stop drinking from January, February, and March, up to the 18th, it was my wife's birthday. And I'd lose three stone and be quite happy with it. Then wife's birthday, March 18th, go out on the piss, get bladdered, and go back to having 10 cans, 15 cans of Stella every day, and half a bottle of brandy or whatever it was at the time.

And so, I knew I could lose weight, but going from 25 to 22 stone isn't that great an achievement. I suppose if you're at 25 stone and you can come down three stone, it is big. But if you bounce back up by the end of April, it's, “Well, my clothes are a bit baggy. They're falling off, aren't they? And my belt's not big enough.” It just doesn't work.

And if you're here to get control of your weight so that you don't go onto this yo-yo cycle of weight off, weight on, weight off, weight on, getting clear in your head why you're doing it is going to be the number one critical thing. And I think the one thing I ever heard on my weight loss journey, is once you know why you will find out how. And when you know why, how becomes easy. And that is true, and I'm a testament to that. All those years rolling around like a bloody beached whale, God knows why I'm alive, stuck with me.

I've got friends on here that remember when I was big. Chris Taylor will tell you. I went to a New Year's Eve party, I think of Chris's. Or no, it was his birthday party. And I took three shirts. I went through three shirts that night. I arrive, walk through the front door, hit the central heating, and my shirt was drenched. Went outside, toweled off on the drive, new shirt, an hour later, the shirt was drenched again. Go out and change. I was just huge. And it was a joke, and I used to laugh about it. And I had more chins than… Oh, it was down here. You can go on the website, and I'll put links to the website anyway because I think you're going to need insights into what food, and when, and how, going forward.

What made the difference? Whenever I went for a medical, the doctor always used to say, “You're overweight, you know.” I'd say, “No, no, no, doc, I'm just six inches too short for the weight.” Haha ha, how we both laughed. And then the year I made the decision, she said, “You are very close to Type 2.” I said, “Yeah, and?” “Then I'll have to write to the DVLA. And they will most certainly, they may not pull your car license, but they'll almost certainly pull your vocational license.” I said, “But am I diabetic.” She said, “No, you're not yet. But you're very, very close.” She said, “You're also very, very close to major organ failure.” And she said, “If you carry on abusing alcohol and food the way you are, I think this could very well be the last medical.”

I said, “Are you fucking serious?” I couldn't believe what she was saying. I couldn't believe that I'd let it get that bad. I was just beside myself. That was in May, and in April, I'd been in hospital with a suspected heart attack, which was just a panic attack because I'd been off work and we were struggling with bills. And I turned up at the doctor and it was a young lad. It was a locum. And they just put me in the back of an ambulance and sent me into Leicester.

And it was, it was a panic attack. There was no problem with my heart. But that conversation with her gave me real reasons to get a grip, gave me real reasons. And do you know what? Within three months of that, I'd lost a couple of stone, plateaued out over Christmas, went to September… That was May. September, I haven't needed a seatbelt extension going to Vegas, but I needed one coming back. Sort of plateaued out around Christmas, then January again. And Judy convinced me to go to [inaudible 00:06:09]. And then there was the added pressure of my daughter's wedding that August. And I really wanted to be a 36-inch waist for that.

Speaker 1:
So three compelling reasons. One, didn't want to die, well fuck me, that's enough, isn't it? Two didn't want to lose my vocation license, way of earning a living. Three, I wanted to make sure that I was of a reasonable size. I wanted to be 36 waist for my daughter's wedding. And four, whenever I flew again, I didn't want to nearly get thrown off the flight because I couldn't do the bastard seatbelt even with an extension. So four compelling reasons why I had to lose weight.

And when you get a grip on that and you know why you're doing it, I don't care what diet you follow, you will lose weight. Basically, how do you lose weight? Eat less, poo more. Period. It's that easy. You don't need to be going running miles. I did very little additional exercise for the first 12 months to get the first five, six stone off. It was purely I ate myself thin eating quality food but didn't make you fat. Lots of protein, whole host of stuff.

I'll put links to recipes, tips, and tricks under this video. As soon as the video ends, there'll be links to the website for food suggestions. Just look on every email I send out, every post I send out, find the things on the Slimming World list that you like, that you can eat, and just go for it. The thing is, if you don't like the food that you're trying to lose weight with, you won't fucking eat it anyway. Right? Anyway, found Slimming World and really took it on and got serious. And that's when it changed. Check out the links on the website.

Seriously guys, new ones that have joined over the weekend and existing members. If you're struggling and he wants somebody to keep you accountable, just email me. Just do me a personal message from here, just PM me or email me. All right? Do it through the website, sign up for the emails. You get weekly email. I'm not trying to flog you anything. There's nothing in this for me other than knowing that I'm helping other people. If when you get it all done and you want to join me in business and look at how I've learned to build websites. Fine. Ask the question.

But the weight loss gig, do yourself, do your family a favor. Get control of your weight. Felt so good. It honestly does. But I'm going to jump off now. The eight-pound gain that I had over, fucking eight pound, that's half a stone, when we were in Cornwall, I've got rid of that plus one, so I'm back under 17, and this is getting locked down way off. So I am back on target for Tom's wedding in July.

How are you doing, meeting your targets? How are you getting on? If you need help, reach out. I am not going to do it for you. I am not going to tell you what to eat, what exercise program to do. You will work that out for yourself. All I'm going to do is help you identify why you need to do it, and I'll keep reminding you of your reason why. Like I said, at the beginning, when you know why, how it will become easy,

Mr. Rosema, nice to see you. Hope you and your good lady are well. I saw you out on your travels the other day. Stay safe, John. All right, you're keeping your weight under control. Love to you both. Speak to you soon. And everybody else, take care, speak soon.



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