Hey, good afternoon, Steve Greenhalgh, StuckinaTruck.com. In today's video, I'm going to be talking about the importance of looking after yourself. And the fact that I believe I've been given a second chance. Where, really, a lot of me feels, and I don't know if it's imposter syndrome, but a lot of my inner feelings feel that I don't deserve to have been given that second chance. It's a very strange situation. And I'm doing one thing that I always tell people not to do, which is comparing.
And I'm comparing myself to my father.


Now, this is a change today. I used to just produce one piece of content a week and release it on a Wednesday, but due to important things happening around this and around my own business, I'm now going to be releasing the second piece of content every week on a Saturday afternoon. So Saturdays and Wednesdays. If you want to make sure you get all those notifications, please hit the subscribe button, click the notification bell. If you like it, hit a like, if you don't like it, hit an unlike, and please, if you've got something to say about what I've been discussing today, please leave a comment. Even if I don't want to see it, other people watching the video may get something out of your perspective. So it's really important to join the conversation.

And let me just make one thing absolutely plain, these are my thoughts. Okay? You can take them, appreciate them. Pour cold wash on them. Go “Christ, he's flipped.” It's fine. But this is my perspective, having been where I've been and how I've recovered from where I've been. Okay. So enjoy the video.

So here I am, four years on from a really bad medical where I was told I'm very likely to present with type two diabetes, and I'm even more likely to probably pass on due to chronic obesity. I was beginning to really show some incredible signs. I was carrying, in terms of heart stress, lack of personal fitness, my inability to actually move.

I was carrying 154 pounds, which is about 70 kilos, three bags of cement, in excess weight. And the doctor was fairly specific in saying that, A it was unfit and unhealthy, and B I was doing some serious damage and I had to do something about it.

In addition to that, I was smoking 40 to 50 cigarettes a day, consuming a minimum of 10 cans of Stella, which is a very strong lager, plus various and multiple different spirits. But if it was drinkable, I would drink it. Functioning alcoholic is a phrase I've heard and used. And I think that's a misnomer. I think that's a get out of jail free card. And I don't like it. You're either an alcoholic or you're not, and I was an alcoholic.

In addressing all those, and to put this into perspective and why I made the comparison. I was heavier than my dad at his heaviest. I drank more than he did, at his most abusive. The one thing I didn't outdo him on, the one thing I didn't exceed my dad on was tobacco consumption. And he must've smoked 60 players, full strength, a day for a very long time. And he never quit tobacco. Even when he was in his seventies, he would consume snuff. Sticking ground tobacco up your nose.

Now my dad never recovered from those excesses. And when he was my age, I'm 61. And I've said this to you in the past when we're at Tom's birthday in the Lake District. When we're at Tom's birthday in the Lake District, we actually were swimming in Lake Coldwater. At my age, when my dad was my age, he couldn't have walked from the car, parked on the roadway, down to the beach. While I strip off and jumped in the lake and have a good swim and run about and play silly buggers like I was doing and still enjoy doing. He couldn't have done that.

Now, I've stopped smoking. I've cut way back on the drink. I've lost 150 pounds and I've got away with it. And I am pretty well recovered. I can relapse very easily and put a bit of weight on without too much effort, but in the main, I've recovered. And there's a voice inside my head which says, “The only reason you're still here is because the message you can share is really important.” And that is the underlying purpose of Stuck in a Truck. Yeah, it's good fun to have drivers there. It's nice to have weight loss charts and all the rest of it. But what I'm saying is don't let it go too far.

Don't abuse your body anymore. If you know that you're where I was, get a grip now. Do something about it. Reach out. There's a link in the description beneath this video. Just email me, just say help. I'll get back to you. We can arrange a call. Okay? You don't need to struggle on your own. You don't have to do something well, just get a grip. The Saturday content is going to be very much about self-care. Looking after yourself. Really, the underlying ethos for about first about us on the website. But if anything I'm saying resonates with you, if anything I'm saying makes you think, “Shit, I need to do something about this.” Get in touch, go to StuckinaTruck.com, sign up for the emails, join the Facebook group. We're here to help. Okay? Steve Greenhalgh, StuckinaTruck.com. You take care. Look after yourself, stay tuned, speak to you later. Bye-bye.

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