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Hi, welcome to Stuck in a Truck and more importantly, welcome to Up Yours at Stuck in a Truck.

Up Yours and Move On.

What are we talking about here?

People call it mindset, but it's so much more about attitude.

  • It's about living your life, your way, and
  • knowing that you've made a decision based on facts,
  • based on how you feel,
  • based on emotion.
  • And, that you're going to see it through.

If I'd stopped and listened every time somebody said to me,

“What you're doing that for?
You'll never make that work.

Why are you bothering, wasting your time with that?”

People out there will steal your dreams quicker than they'll steal your money?

They'll piss on your fireworks, call it what you will, but they will stop you in your tracks with that little seed of doubt.

Now, Up Yours and Move On is a way of translating what is commonly called having a positive mindset, into something that I really get. All right?

Seriously … Do I Look, That Stupid, To You?

The number of times I've arrived with a wide load, a 15 foot wide caravan or something like that, into a small country lane, and you get some bozo in his car go,
“And why you bringing that  here?”
“Because I'm taking it to the farm at the end of this lane.”
“Well, you shouldn't be following your sat nav coming here.”
“Do you really think I would bring something this fucking big into a stupid little road like this without planning it, without maybe having police permission?
Seriously? seriously!
Do I look that stupid to you?”
It just beggars belief that people could think we were that stupid, that we would go into a situation like that blind, without planning.
Of course, we didn't, we were prepared.
We knew what we were doing.
We were good at what we do, really good.
So we would make sure that everything was in place.
We'd have the permission from the police.
We knew where we're going and how we're going to get there.
We got jobs done.

Stick To What You Believe Is Right

In my online world and my business world, the number of times I would hear, ” Agh, you sure? Do you really think that's a good idea?”

If you allow people to get into your head and change your opinion, you're not doing yourself any favors and Up Yours is about how to adopt strategies.

It's about how to get the most out of yourself.

The way I think about mindset is, well, I'm in the sixties, 61, and I know that I'm not the fastest runner in the world. Okay?

I know that in a race with say, Usain Bolt, he would do the hundred meters, maybe two, three, maybe even four seconds faster than me.

It's not that much in the whole scheme of things.

Now I realize in international sprinting, it's like a 17 week difference, those four little seconds.

They're timing each other in hundreds, if not thousands of a second. So he's going to piss all over me, but that's not the important part.

So Usain Bolt could go, do that, do his 100 meter dash, stroll down the track, go to the other end, do it again, stroll back, do it again, stroll back, do it again.

The times would be consistent, virtually all the way through. Whereas me, I'd do one and I'd need paramedics and oxygen tent, you name it.

That's because my recovery will be three or four days. Usain Bolt is good to go minutes after because he's trained his body.

He's trained his muscles to be able to just start over. Does that make sense?

The Difference Between A Good Mindset And Arrogance

The difference between having a good mindset or a good attitude. This isn't arrogance, this isn't “Oh Fuck you.” This isn't arrogance.

This is training yourself to overcome the obstacles. It's about having an attitude in your head that gets you to the solution that you need.

It's about recovery from a bump in the road.

Entrepreneurs Respond To Difficult Situations 

We look at these people, the entrepreneurs and the business people, we admire, and think, “God they really got their shit together. Everything goes right for them.”

It really doesn't, in reality, what happens is that they're good at responding to adverse conditions.

Rather than letting something knock them sideways, they recover quickly. They respond, they react.

They don't say “Oh God, it's all going wrong.” and stop for five days, they look at it and go.

“Can I control that? No, but I can control how I respond, or I can control how I react.”

They don't let conditions or circumstances dictate how they act. They act true to their values, true to their mission.

What's Up Yours And Move On Really About?

Up Yours, is really about helping you come to terms with who you are and where you're going?

If we tie that in with fat ass to bad ass, we help you define who you are and why you're doing stuff.

Because when you know why, how becomes so much easier.

Anyway, Stuck in a Truck, is all about helping you take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Also it's about helping you gain clarity on the way you're going to achieve, whatever it is you want to achieve.

What Are Your Goals?

It may be to lose weight!

Maybe to start earning a living independently of going to work.

It may be a way of replacing your pension.

Do you want a way of creating a second income?

It may be a way of learning how to run a Facebook group.

That's your choice.

You know what it is you want to do and why you want to do it.

Would You Like My Help?

I'm like a catalyst that helps people get from where they are, to where they want to be.

I'm not adding oxygen to a flame or petrol to a bonfire. I'll really heat it up and get things going for you and help you get there that much quicker.

If anything I've said interests you, if you want to speak to me about helping you, that's great.
I do an introductory two-hour coaching call for about £195, sterling.

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My name's Steve Greenhalgh from stuckinatruck.com I look forward to helping you say Up Yours!

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