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In today's video, I'm going to be talking very quickly, very briefly, about making money online.
And it's a subject that's very emotive, it's shrouded in mystery, but people are beginning to see through the myths and the smoke and mirrors that traditionally has accompanied it.
I've got friends who work online, millionaires who work online, who resent the smoke and mirrors people, the sellers, purveyors of hot air and bollocks, as they say, and I really get it because there are so much myth and mystery.

So today I just want to touch very briefly on what's involved, how you can get started, why you would want to get started, and then it's up to you to decide whether you want to learn more or not.



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How Does This Work

So online business, what's it about? How does it work? What's the big deal? I started looking for an alternative way of earning a living… Well, let's go back to the depths of time back in 1990 when I first went bankrupt after being earning a lot of money shop-fitting, and then not being able to travel anymore with the advent of children and wanting to stay at home and be a family man. And shop-fitting and was a very good way of earning a living, but it wasn't a very good way of running your life. And there was the dichotomy of big money, but not being at home to enjoy it. And there's a term in shop-fitting. There's always somebody at home who'll cut your grass. And for those of you that have got a smutty mind, you know what's going on there, and those of you that haven't, don't worry about it. It's cool. But it's got very little to do with lawns.

Steve Greenhalgh:
The need, therefore, to replace a good income for a business opportunity where you have no capital or very little, started me down a road of looking for… They're called now side hustles. I would describe them more as looking for alternatives. And in those days, multilevel marketing, MLM, people call it pyramid schemes, whatever, was a very real opportunity. It's like a franchise opportunity with a very, very low startup cost. And we were moderately successful. We got involved with the Amway business opportunity, which globally is responsible for producing more millionaires than any of the business opportunities.

Steve Greenhalgh:
And people always said to me, “Oh, how can you trust this Amway lot that sells soap?” and I really understood that. But then when you look at the top line mainstream companies that were putting their products through the business, people like Ford, Motorola, Sony, Pierre Cardin, big, big names… I mean the only two places in the world where you could buy a brand new Ford at that time was from a Ford dealership or an Amway distributor. So what is it that Ford knew that I didn't? So that put my mind at rest. It was different. So it was always going to be put in the corner.

And it seemed to promise easy money for very little effort, and if anybody portrayed that business in that light and misled you, then I apologize on their behalf because they shouldn't. Any business is going to take work, be it online be it face-to-face, be it multilevel marketing, whatever it is. Good opportunities always arrive dressed in work clothes. And we overlook the work clothes. We overlook the work needed. Somebody once said to me, “If you want to earn a million dollars, you're going to have to do a shitload of work, because you don't get nothing for nothing.”

Become Creative

Now, working online enables you to leverage time, enables you to multipurpose your effort, and so it becomes easier to scale, but you have to learn skills. You have to learn. You have to do the work, and do a lot of work on yourself. All right? And there are multitudes. There are as many ways of making money online as there are people, because you can sell your story to make your living.

What Is Your Skill Set?

And I'm sitting in a lorry park at the moment and I'm looking around, and there are no two trucks the same. There are no two trucks with the same load.
There are

  • flatbeds,
  • tankers
  • flasks
  • walkingfloors
  • skeletons
  • curtain-siders,
  • bulkers,
  • fridge units,
  • boxes,
  • reefers

all with different stuff on. Now, they're all truck drivers, but they all have individual skills. They have the basic skills, then they have their own set of skills needed to do whatever they do. And it's pretty much the same with an online business. There are core skills, and then there are specialist skills, and whatever area you choose, you're going to have to learn. You're going to have to do some work.

Learn To Leverage Your Time

I think the beauty of online is that you don't have to be there all the time doing it, so you can separate time for money. And I think it was a guy called Jason Drone who once said,

“How'd you become a millionaire working online? You learn how to make a dollar, and then you do it a million times.”

And there's a lot of truth in that. A lot of truth in that. And I think rather than me going into any more depth right now if you look in the description below this video, there's a clickable link to 10 K Webinar. And that's a free webinar, you can go and register, and a guy that I've been working with since 2012, a business partner of mine, will explain all the various options and the best ways to get started. And realistically, a comparatively cheap way of setting up the business in this modern era.

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This One https://stuckinatruck.com/10kwebi/


So if you go down below, click the link that says 10 K Webinar, register for that webinar, and then when you've watched that, give yourself time, keep an open mind, just have a look. I think you'll be surprised. I'm glad I did it all those years ago, but don't think that just because it's online, you're going to press a button, record a little video, print an ad, do whatever, do it small, that you can to become a millionaire overnight. You won't. You're going to have to roll your sleeves up, learn some skills, do some work.

My name's Steve Greenhalgh, stuckinatruck.com, home of business without the bullshit. I'll tell you where the rubber hits the road. Speak to you soon. Bye-bye.

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