The Stuck In A Truck Financial Insulator

This short sharp PDF is a guide to protecting your business at any time when you have a decline in turnover.

  • Clients stop booking
  • You are injured
  • Unable to Work
  • Circumstances outside your control
This PDF is a GoTo Check List

  • Designed to Help You
  • Stay Calm
  • Make Decisions Under Pressure
  • Safeguard your Business

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  • This is a nonrefundable Product
  • The Charge is Nominal To Cover the time taken in the production of the document.
  • When you have paid you will be re-directed to the download page
  • When you get there click the image and the PDF Will Download straight away


  • I am NOT a financial Advisor I am not a qualified or certified professional.
  • The advice I am offering in this guide is based on years of experience
  • At the wrong end of bailiffs’ letters and county court rulings.
  • If you are unsure or have any concerns about the advice given in this document,

I urge you to seek qualified assistance/advice from the C.A.B  ( Citizens Advice Bureau) or

Remember any loan agreements, borrowing or financial arrangements, direct debit agreements for purchases and services are legally binding and you MUST Have the lenders/owners agreement before you stop payments.

Please understand I can accept no liability if you break these contracts without the other party's agreement.





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