If You Fail to Plan, You're Planning To Fail.

What's your goal for this week?
What's the one thing you have to focus on for this week?

If you know that, and you're conscious of it, and you just pursue that one goal, you're going to achieve so much more than if you've got a whole multitude of things that you're trying to get done.
Because every time you see your to-do list, you'll just feel overwhelmed.

If You Do Nothing Else Today
If you do nothing else today for your business, work out that one thing that is supercritical to make the progress that you promise yourself that you want to make.
All I'm focused on is my audience: reaching that audience, building an audience, letting my audience know how and where to find me. Audience.

I've been doing as long enough to have some modicum of authority. I'm pretty authentic. I'm pretty comfortable with sharing anything about me that people want to know. And it has been said in the past that I'm the sort of bloke that talked bluntly to the point that I'm the one that cuts your throat, and then as you lie there, you say thank you. So you've got those two.

  • It's just
  • Audience.
  • Audience matters.
  • Audience is critical.
  • So that's where I'm focusing my time.

What's the one thing you need to do this week that your business will thank you for in the next six months, 12 months, 18 months, five years? One thing. And if you can narrow it down to one thing and focus on that, you will notice such a difference in your work rate, your output, your success rate. One thing.

Leave me a comment. That's in the little box below, the little chatty thing. What's “your one ” thing that you're going to focus on for the next seven days? One thing that's crucial.

My name is Steve Greenhalgh from StuckinaTruck.com.
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