I think the one thing that I've found with my weight loss is
There's good food to eat that's good for you.
There's good food to eat.
And I think it's finding a balance.
I think I say it in some of the recipes.
If you ain't going to like it, you will not eat it. And however good for you foodstuff is, if you don't like it, You Will NOT Eat It Right?
This is your way of having quality food when you're out on the road. And it's not that expensive. £25 in the UK, not a bad price at all for what it does.

Hey, good afternoon. How are you? Welcome to another StuckinaTruck Monday afternoon live, coming to you from a Lymm truck stop.

There's a couple of Hanson Trucks in front of me that are looking very busy.
They've got two caravans to deliver.
Drivers are on their own and they've got an escort vehicle behind them. So they are escorted. They're self-escorting, but they haven't got the two men per lorry that they used to have on every delivery.
So they're obviously looking out for themselves. Used to really enjoy that work, but can't say that I miss it that much.

A Recommendation

So what we're going to talk about today is something that my good friend Chris Taylor shared with me a few months ago now, maybe even six months ago. I
t's called an Electric Lunch Box.
I bought it on Amazon and I will put a link in the description and the comments below so you can go and have a look for yourself.

Did I Really Need This?

I was, I wouldn't say skeptical, but it was one more gadget that I didn't really need because I've always carried a slow cooker or a pressure cooker with an inverter.
But since I've been working with Trucklink and not having my own unit all the time, it's been very much a question that I'm cab-hopping everywhere,

I'm never in the same unit twice.
Sometimes I get a microwave, sometimes I don't.

I ain't lugging microwaves and casserole pots and God knows what.

So I'm only doing one night out a week. And an Electric Lunchbox is exactly what it says, a little electric box. There it is.

That's all it is. It's 240, 12, and 24 volt.
You can preload it With Pre – Cooked food Of Your choice.

I had spaghetti bolognese in there and it just all fitted in very nicely.
I knew I was stopping at Kinross services, so I plugged it in an hour before I was due at Kinross, and it wasn't quite hot, and I must admit, when I took the lid off, I was a bit disappointed.

  • But A, I think it overfilled it, and
  • B, I was probably being a bit ambitious, to be fair,
  • AND
  • it was all food and no sauce.

Give It Enough Time To Do The Job

So I gave it another 20 minutes.
I had a bit of a kip. And do you know what? It tasted brilliant, absolutely delicious.
I'm so pleased I listened to Chris, because that is the first proper hot meal I've had without filling the cab with smoke and steam and crap from getting the cooker out.
Because in the past, if I've wanted to heat up my dinner, I'll just get the frying pan and put it on the stove, and then it gets burny and sticky, and then how'd you clean the dinner out and how'd you clean your pan out?

Easy To Clean / Simple To Use

But this, look, just give it a quick rinse round with a bit of blue cloth.

Chris heats pies up. He has a night-out night with his pies and everything and some baked beans because you get a little pot to go in the corner.
So he's heating… What are those pies you get at chip shops? Pukka pies?

Couple of Pukka pies in there and some beans, or a couple of Pukka pies, and some spaghetti hoops.
You can do anything.

It Will Re-heat ANYTHING!

You can literally put anything in it.
I'd be a bit wary about doing roast beef or anything stupid like that, but if you've had a Sunday lunch and you've got some roast beef and some veg and everything else, keep it all together, put it in, bit of gravy and it'd warm up perfect. I'm sure it would.

I will experiment. But just as a heads-up,

I am totally impressed. £24.99, and it's one of the nicest hot dinners I've had forever. Really gorgeous. So yeah, there you go. An electric lunchbox. Sweet. Speak to you all soon. You take care. Bye-

Buy Yours HERE https://amzn.to/2MPojCW

If anything I've said interests you, by all means,

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