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Cairn Lodge – On A Break

Cairn Lodge on the M74. Well, that's been an interesting morning, left Aberdeen as usual. Although they did want to fill me up. I said, well, I'm supposed to be going into Edinburgh to collect two pods on the way down.
“Oh, well you'd better get off, then.”

So I get to Edinburgh and their yard is rammed.
Two artics and a service van,
more bloody pods than you can shake a stick at.
All the little local delivery vans parked at bay outside.
Just Like Bloody dog shit. And you just can't get past them.

I Wont Go In If I Cannot Get Out!

I parked up on the main road, walked in, said,
“Hi, I'm here. Do you want my phone number? You can phone me when you've got space because I can't get in as it is.”

“No, no, no, no, no. You'll be all right. You bring it in, park next to one that's going out in 20 minutes.
When he's gone, you can swing round.” I said,
“I don't think I can.” “Yeah, you'll be able to. It'll be all right.” I said “I've been to have a look.”
“No, no, no. You'll be fine.”
So, “Okay. If you insist.”

And I don't know about you, but if I've got a feeling that I can't get out, I don't want to go in.
If that makes sense.
I'd rather just hang back a minute and just wait and make sure.
But no, they're insistent.
“No, we need you in. We need you off the road. We've got too many little driver vans. Too many little delivery vans that are whizzing around.” So,

You Know When You Know,Right?

“If I go in that yard, nobody's going to get in, and even worse, nobody's going to get out.” “No, You'll be fine. That artic is going.”
“Well, it would be better if he left so I've got the full yard to swing in rather than having to shove back out after he's…”

“No, no, no, no. You get yourself in.”

When you've been doing this job this long, you just know. Right?
So in we go, another artic drives out. I get as far over to the fence as I can.
Fitter's not there by his van. If I swing round and don't take him out,
I'm going to have to have three pods moved on the far side. “No, we'll move you on. That artic can get round.”
“Yeah, but the van is not.” “You can do it driver.” Anyway, cut a long story short, I was right, damn near took the air kit off.
I was that tight swinging it round.

And then, what's worse, as soon as I start to swing the whole thing round, what happens?
Stupid little white van man comes right at my ass, so I can't move at all.
He can't get round  and said, “Oh, I couldn't see.”
What? You couldn't see a big fuck off lorry like this?
Are you kidding? If you can't see this, you shouldn't be bloody driving.”
Anyway, he was ushered back out of the yard. We managed to move the fitter's van and I managed to get the air kit off the side of the trailer, got the three pods moved that I needed moved.
And then we could swing around and get loaded and get out. But what a kerfuffle.

And I think the worst of it is, I knew that I couldn't get round as it was. I knew the parameters and I let somebody overrule that instinct. And that's why I got…
Well, I didn't get overly cross, but I was a bit grumpy. There was a couple of Fs flying about. But it was because I knew that it was going to be difficult. Well, not difficult, but it wasn't possible the way the yard was spaced out. Just mental.

When I get this video down and edited, I'll include a bit of footage of the actual yard as well so you can see what I'm talking about, but that is after everything's been moved. But you can imagine how tight. I've got the air kit on the side of the trailer, bending the air kit. It just would not go around. And at that point, the under-run bar at the back was so close to hooking the fitter's van, he came running out from whatever he was doing. He said, “I'll move it. I'll move it. I'll move it.” “Oh, thank you. It would be a bonus.” Anyway, so all's well that ends well. Nothing is broken, nothing is permanently harmed. A bit of injured pride. But apart from that, it's all good.

How Is Your Weight

So how are you? How's weight-watching? Are you keeping on top of it? You should do.
I sort of let mine go with all the kerfuffle about what's going on at home and I've just been ticking over, but I think we're getting over that.
it's time to take control and really take it seriously.
It is what it is.

Please Trust Your Gut

But to go back to what I was talking about when you're in touch with that instinct or that unnerving feeling or that inner guide or that gut feeling, we ignore it at our peril. And we tend not to ignore those feelings when we're in an environment that we really do know what we're doing. So when we're driving a wagon or we're going into a tight space, we know our shit. Right? But when you're not in your own environment and somebody is putting pressure on you to make a decision, don't ignore your gut feeling then, because when you do, you'll probably make the wrong decision.

And if there's a lot of money involved, it can be costly emotionally, financially. So what I'm saying is, nine times out of 10, if it feels wrong, it probably is. Nine times out of 10, in fact, 10 times out of 10, if you feel you should, or you shouldn't, or if you want to go with your gut, follow your gut. It will always steer you in the right direction.

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