This video is entitled technophobe, and I think tech-no. Don't like tech.
Whenever I got started online back in 2012, I was terrified of pressing buttons and getting it wrong and losing websites and spending all day working on something and then forgetting to save it and losing it.
That fear really held me back.

I'm mechanically sound. I have a bit of trouble reading sometimes. To a point where when I was building money sites back in 2013, and I needed to really take heed of the notes,
Judi actually downloaded all the course notes, double spaced them and printed them on blue paper so that I could read them comfortably and make sense of them.

Will You Do Whatever It Takes?

And I think that was given as an example of somebody that's prepared to do whatever it takes. And however scared you may be at the technology. If you want a four, five, $6,000 a week, month, business, if you want a six figure business, you can start dumb. You can start not being able to turn a computer on. And that's fine. But if you can open an email and maybe write a letter in Word Press, that's probably enough to get you started. And that, combined with a big enough reason why, will get you going.

You Need To Do The Work

But honestly, you truly need to master the skills that are required.

  • Basic copywriting,
  • basic computer turning on and turning off.
  • Copying and pasting,
  • image manipulation,
  • all skills that I didn't know existed.
  • Video editing.
  • Getting yourself some good video editing software,
  • taking the time to learn.

I remember being at an Amway convention and there's a guy called Lyndon Farrington, who was upline from me.
Brilliant speaker.
From one of the mining in villages in the north, in the Nottingham area.
And Lyndon Farrington was an absolute hero. Rough as you like, knew where he was going, knew what he wanted. And he said, when he left school, with no interest or excitement about anything that was going on, at 15, he went down the coal mines.

Lyndon Just Knew What He Didn't Want

Because he'd left school without even a spirit level, every an O level. And that experience in the mines scared him. And he was offered an opportunity to get out of working at the coalface, but you had to do some exams. Now, he'd never passed an exam in his life up until that point. But the fear of going back underground and working in those intolerable conditions was enough of a motivation to get Linden to do the work and pass. He never failed another exam.

Lyndon Did The Work

And when he saw Amway as an opportunity to go even further, he just did what he was told. He built a list. He contacted people. He kept showing the plan, selling the products. So the three things you have to do. Build a list, show the plan, sell the product. Build a list, show the plan and sell the products. It's not rocket science. So what do you need to get an online business going? Basic skill level. You need to be able to turn the computer on. You need to be able to communicate at a reasonable level. You don't want to come out from behind the camera. That's great. But you're going to have to find another one way of communicating whatever message you sharing with the world. Whatever gifts you promoting, be it a course of your own.

What Are Your Skills?

And you're probably sitting in the car, “Oh I don't know anything.”
Yeah, you do.
Even if it's just being able to hold other people accountable, you do.
All right? So if you know, even if you know what you don't want, it doesn't matter where you start.
If you know what you don't want, you can crack on and get stuff done.
Your goals and your fears are your two biggest motivators, or they can be.
Goals will drag you where you want to go and fears will push you away from what you don't want.

You've Got Everything You Need.

There are people with far less going for them than you.
And they're succeeding hand over fist.
Because they do what they're told, they do the work, they keep it simple.
Don't worry about the technology. You can always reset and go back.
You can always learn the skills. It's not rocket science.
And if a 50-something truck driver with very little education, a bit of business sense, bit of business acumen.
Lots of failures too on his CV.
If I can do this, pretty much anybody can. Does that make sense? So work out why, work out what's holding you back, and make a determination to move through it. I'll be with you all the way. I'm going to be starting to promote, build your AU, the high ticket stuff.

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