I was asked on a recent coaching call about my semi-colon tattoo 

I have as you can see from The Link, talked about it in the past… in so far as what it represented…

This time I actually spoke about why I wear it and what it means to me…

You can see my response in the video



I have rarely spoken with such candor about this  time in my life, and I only do so now, to let others know

KNOW it is OK to have down days, to feel the darkness of depression swallow them, and, yes, to actually welcome the opportunity to just “TURN it ALL OFF” …
I do not pretend to have all the answers
I certainly am not trained as a counselor

BUT and I think this is important… having been to the brink, and seen over the edge
I do believe I have a certain perspective that may bring solace and understanding

  •  The Tattoo… means
  • my story is far from finished
  • I do not quit
  • and I am now more certain than ever that I know where I am heading

Welcome to the best part of the rest of my  life


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Here's to your continued success… BUT let's NOT kid Ourselves