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Hi, how are you? Steve Greenhalgh here from Stuckinatruck.com.

People have asked me, what is it with mindset? What do you do about mindset? Why is mindset so critical to a truck driver, let alone to anybody else in business?

Mindset is one of those attributes or skill sets, call it what you will, but the way I understand mindset and understand the advantage of a good mindset.

So many things happen to us in life that sort of knock us off balance or knock us out of kilter.

And there's this wonderful expression that life happens for us, not to us. And in many ways, I really agree with that. But the thing about mindset, it's handling what happens to us in a good way. And it doesn't mean being up and positive and happy all the time.

There's Life In The Old Dog Yet!

I think the best way I can describe it, that I'm 61 this coming week, so cracking on a bit, reasonably fit, not bad, can run a little. I'm not good at long distances, but if I've got somebody chasing me with a baseball bat, I could probably do a hundred meters, maybe a couple of seconds behind Usain Bolt.

I mean, over a hundred meters, he's maybe got three, four seconds on me, which doesn't sound a great deal, but it'd be a big-time like at the finish line.

But the difference between him and me, after doing that first 100 meters, five minutes later, Usain Bolt is ready to go again.

I'm still in an oxygen tent, probably will be for the next 30 minutes if not longer, and my legs will feel like jelly, and I really won't want to go again.

However, his recovery time from that massive burst of speed and acceleration means he's good to go in five minutes, probably at the same time. Then five minutes again and then five minutes again.

He can keep putting them out and keep putting them out. It's that cumulative response and Mindset, is that cumulative practice at handling awkward situations and bad situations.

Saying That. Life Is Not A Bed of Roses

People with a good mindset don't live a charmed life. They don't have endless good news and are always happy.

They just respond and recover from the buffets of life knocking them over. They're able to get back on the feet and start moving forward again.

We can learn that skill as it's very much about self-talk, self-belief, and looking for the good things in every situation.

A Time For Reflection

Nowadays I firmly believe,
{and I can look back over my life and at all the so-called disasters we've been through, the storms that we've weathered, and think this:-}

“Well, yeah, but I learned that there and that was a benefit there. Actually, if that hadn't happened I wouldn't be doing this.

If that hadn't, I wouldn't even have met her.”

Everything that happened To ME… Actually

Happened For ME!

You Must Develop A Positive Mindset

All these things that pop into life and that happen to us and for us means we must respond with that positive mindset.

We don't sit down and quit on ourselves and on that progress that we need to keep making to get where we want to be.

Having that positive mindset is just a way of handling the adverse conditions that life will always throw at us. All right?


Some People Have No Idea

As for these people that look around and go. “Oh, well, they've got the shit together. They've got the shit together. They've got the shit together.”

No, we're all still juggling. We're all still nervous and we're all still hoping that everything's going to be all right.

We're all still pretty much the same as everybody else, all right?

We just recover more quickly. Okay? Cool.


Let's Sum Things Up

I have always been a positive thinking guy and over the last eight years or so I have surrounded myself with lots of positive thinking people.

This is what you must do because it will breed positivity within you!

If we were to meet then I could share with you how I develop that positive mindset for success.

If anything I've said interests you, if you want to speak to me about helping you develop that positive mindset, that's great.
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I hope that helps. Develop that positive mindset for success.

I can really help you on the route to acquiring and developing the best mindset moving forward, okay?
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