As part of the “Up Yours And Move On” series of videos, This video talks about the crucial need for communication,

Hi,  I'm going to be talking about mental well-being.

It's part of the Up Yours and Move On series with a special focus on communication and the importance of it, and how the lack of it can really undermine, well, your entire life.

The lesson here is that if you IMPROVE Your Communication, you truly could SAVE your Marriage…

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As I think you probably know, my wife and I were away in the Lake District National Park last week to celebrate our eldest son's 30th birthday.
When all the parties were over and the kids had all gone home, it was just me and Judy left on our own. We went to revisit some of our old haunts and see what was going on,

Part of it was back into the environment where we'd started our married life, a hotel in Bowness.

As we drove past the hotel, Judy turned to me and she said, “We were so naive.”

I said “Excuse me.”

She said, “Oh, we were so young and so naive. They really knew what they were doing when they hung us out to dry.”

I looked at her and I said, “What did you mean?”

She said, “Steve, they used us and they got rid of us, and they made sure that they didn't have to pay you your severance pay that you were legally entitled to by chasing you over a pathetic criminal prosecution.”
“They knew what they were doing and they went for you, and we fell for it.”


As I looked at her  I said, “For 31 years, I thought that you thought I was guilty.”

“Of course you weren't guilty. You could as soon have stolen anything from that hotel as you could fly to the moon.”

I can't tell you in easy words how much that sentence meant.

For 31 years, I've been trying to apologize for something that I never did, trying to put right something that was something I hadn't done wrong.

It was really cathartic.

I had to stop the car.
I just needed a hug.
I said, “I'm so sorry.”

“Whatever for? You did nothing wrong.”

Do Not Leave It So Long

Thirty-one years that has been between us.
Thirty-one years we have failed to communicate.
However, we're still together, I don't know how.

Last week was probably the single most beneficial week we've had as a married couple.

And as part of this mental well-being series with Up Yours and Move On,  I want to tie it into something that I saw the other day on a Facebook page of mine,

A driver was struggling because he just won a five-year access battle with an ex-wife who was using the children, their children, as a tool to hurt him.

I thought that it was just well awful … It had broken him, the desperation and all the lies that she'd told.

I thought, Judi and I have survived 32 years of marriage with this misconception between us, and if Stuck in a Truck helps you to do anything, please understand this simple lesson:

Simple Lesson Of Communication


Talk to each other.
Talk to each other.
Never leave anything unsaid.
A very good friend of mine, Amy Taylor, that's her watchword, part of her purpose… nothing left unsaid.

Sometimes it can be painful, but I promise you it's so beneficial as well, so worthwhile.

I feel as though years of pain and hurt have just been washed away.

We cried and we laughed and we had a drink. I

n fact, I treated us to a bottle of champagne just to celebrate our mutual understanding of each other.

It felt so good. It really did. It was the best part of the holiday in many ways.

Don't forget, there will be more to this series of mental well-being.

There will be more to Up Yours and Move On.

There's nothing that could come between me and my wife now, and we can both say,

“Up yours,” and move on to the people that really did us a lot of damage all those years ago, a lot of damage.

Anyway, enough of that. Maybe I'll tell you the whole story at one time. It was quite interesting.

Leave in the comments if you'd like to hear it, okay.

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