This is a follow-up to the video I did about content creation and multi-purposing.
People said to me in a couple of messages, “Yeah. Okay. That's great. And thanks for the share, but what do we actually talk about?”

Steve's Content Model

The way I think about this, every time I turn on the camera, I've got five areas that I can talk about or five subject areas, that's to inform, to inspire, educate, entertain, and then there's the fifth. There's a call to action.

Every fifth video { or 20% of the time } should always be,  a call to action.

So the other 80% you either:

  • inform,

  • inspire,

  • educate, or

  • entertain.

    “Yeah. Okay. That's great, Steve, but what do we talk about?”

The Three Pillars

I will coach you to come up with three pillars, each with three sub-pillars, that will define your business.

I'll put a still image of my business model in the description later.

Within each of those pillars, there are three sub-pillars. So in effect, you've got 48 topics to call on as you inspire, inform, educate, entertain on any one of those four topics or pillars. So you've got at least 48 different pieces of content at any one time. Add another 12 different calls to action. And when I say different, if you think of each of those pillars and sub-pillars and build a call to action by pre-framing the video about that sub-pillar, and then extending that into a call to action for your product or service or a product or service that you're an affiliate for that you can generate income, then you have 48, 12, 60 different opportunities to create content.

Record Keeping

And if you keep a record of what your videos are about, so in other words, you're being slightly professional and having a spreadsheet with those videos, all laid out, by the time you've done 45, 50, 60 videos, realistically, you can go back to the beginning because your audience will have grown and expanded, and you'll be now attracting new people that maybe haven't gone back in time and looked. So over a 60-day period, you could realistically touch on the same topic three or four times. Suddenly you've gone from having nothing to talk about to having 60 pieces of content there in your business model. Add to that, the keynote speech that you talk about in terms of your inspiration, your story, you've then got a signature experience, possibly two. And suddenly you're looking at more content than you will ever get round to.

This Busts The Lack of Content Myth

So when people talk to me on coaching calls and say, “I don't really know what to talk about.” Yeah. Okay. Well, let's look at the business. Let's look at the pillars within the business. Let's look at those core topics. How would you talk about that, pre-framing and then building a call to action or bridging from that topic into the call to action? Because if all you're doing is just talking, inspiring, entertaining, whatever, whatever, whatever, and your audience don't know what you're offering, they should do, because the mere fact that you are talking about what matters to them will inspire them to take action and follow you. But you really need to do a strong call to action every fifth video, maybe not in the first month, but once you've really got into the swing of things, every fifth video should be a call to action. Okay?

I Hope This Brings Clarity

Hope that's brought a bit more clarity, hope that makes things a little easier to understand, and that it gives you something to work on or to. As always, if you've found this video on YouTube, please hit the subscribe button, ring the notification bell so that you always get new content as, and when I publish it. I normally publish new videos every Wednesday. If you like it, give us a thumbs up, share it, let other people in on the secret. And if you've got a comment, please bring it in because every time somebody comments, it's a different perspective on what I'm saying. So, I can learn back from you. Okay? Really good to be here. I hope everybody's doing well. And I'll speak to you all soon. You take care. Bye.

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