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So many people that I talk to in this online space get this mental blockage,

“How can I produce content?
How can I get content onto multiple platforms?
How can I spread my word and promote my brand?”

And over the last nine, ten years, I've picked up various tips from sources, other people working online, things I've done in the past, Microsoft, YouTube, a whole host of different places and put together a method that I use that over the past eight, nine years, has enabled me to employ PAs in the Philippines and give them a simple, straightforward instruction so that they can repurpose my content and share it.
So that they can do the work that I don't particularly enjoy, but do it well, because by setting up the process and by making sure that they understand the simple, straightforward process, they are very able and willing and can achieve in a very straightforward way.

From Daily Blogging To YouTube

So my background in the online space consisted originally of blogging, and that was my market.
It was my go-to marketing method.

  • Tell a story,
  • pre-frame the story,
  • find a challenge that is common to a lot of people in that story, and
  • then present them with a solution that I found and used, and
  • then call to action.
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What I am sharing Here is Far easier Than Creating Daily Blogs

It's a straight forward, well used method of sharing content and promoting your brand and your message and your product. But if you've got to do a blog a day, and a blog to sort of get any form of real traction needs to be a thousand, two and a half thousand words. You need to be SEO properly. You need to get H1, H2 tags in there.

SEO Has Changed

You don't need to decorate keywords as extensively as you used to do. And I mean, I even got to one point where on blogs, at the bottom of the page, I would just fill it with keywords and then turn the font color to white so that the human eye couldn't see it, that the search engines would spot it, because the search engines are colorblind and they just see the code, not the actual page. Which was a bit black hat, but it worked, it was effective. But then Google started ignoring keywords that weren't in context. So just a list of keywords was not sufficient anymore.

A Shortcut To Content

If this is useful to you, by all means, utilize it, use it.

So this video I'm doing now explaining my content method, when it's finished,
I will download the MP4 to my computer,
I will send that to a company called rev.com for a transcription,
and that will be about $1.50 A minute I think? Something like that. And within 10 hours, 12 at the maximum without paying a premium,
I will get the full transcript back, which is 99% accurate, any video.
{And you can specify language as well. So if you're Spanish, Portuguese, French, Polish, they will do it in any language.} So it's a huge, huge benefit. And the accuracy, as I say, is phenomenal.

The Transcript

Rev send me the transcript back.
That I then copy and paste into a Word document. I edit it, go through it, extenuating keywords, put in subtitles, which is H1, H2, when it gets into WordPress.
Sometimes I copy it straight into WordPress and just build the titles in and put the H1, H2.
If there's bullet points, highlight the bullet points, and that then becomes a blog post in WordPress in my blog.


It also becomes the video description when I upload that video to YouTube.
So straight away, you've repurposed a video twice, and you're getting written content and you getting the description for the YouTube video.

YouTube is a Search Engine.

Search engines are pretty much the same all over the world. It works on the Google algorithm. So the search engine is also identifying the keywords in the video description.

Template as Much As Possible

I then have a template document with my calls to action at the beginning. {Easy Copy & Paste}
So subscribe button, whatever offer I'm promoting, that link, link to Rev, link to a couple of testimonies.
Then it goes into the description, which is the body content. And then at the end, there will be the usual call to action in the blog post, which is if you've enjoyed this, share it, sign-up for it, a regular email. If you want to join me for a coaching call, click here. And that coaching call link is also in the video description.

Quick Summary

  • So from one 5, 10 minute live video in Facebook,
  • I've done a live video to a group. One piece of content.
  • I've repurposed it for YouTube.
  • I've repurposed it for my blog post.
  • I will then share that blog post, and or video, across
  • Facebook pages, groups and stories.
  • Twitter,
  • Tumbler,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • Blogger.
  • So from that one piece of content I have now shared it multiple times, and that's automated using a process, using a company called OnlyWire.Now that takes some setting up and it's a paid service, but the Filipinos can do it.
    Very little instruction.
    So I'm pretty sure you can.


So that in a nutshell is how I produce regular content and it has served me well over the years. So that's my share for today. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the subscribe button, ring the notification. Give us a like, give us a share. And if you've got any comments, please put them in, would love to hear from you. You take care. Steve Greenhalgh, stuckinatruck.com. Look after yourself. Bye-bye

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