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In this video, I want to talk about productivity.

You may have noticed that I've gone from producing one piece of content a week and doubled that and in doing that, I've sort of caused myself a problem because producing one piece of quality content was challenging time wise and really it shouldn't be, but to really serve the audience that I'm building, they need more information with a greater level of consistency.



So with my accountability partner, I went through where I was actually spending my time and I identified a couple of areas where realistically I could utilize the time better. And so this is third piece of content I'm producing today. If I can find, and this is always going to be the problem because I use an Android phone and an Apple computer, I can't just airdrop from the phone to the computer to edit the video because I was hoping in my second break on the journey to be able to edit the videos so that when I go home, I've just got to upload them.

Compatability – The Achilles Heel

But at the moment, I've hit a bit of a hiccup, hence a third piece of content rather than getting into the editing. But I think it's about, I'll be able to overcome that. That is just finding a hotspot where I can get a decent level of wifi so I can transfer through to Dropbox. That's not a big deal, but I think the biggest challenge has been the mental challenge of saying, “Yeah actually, I spend a lot of time, frittering time on TikTok or polishing the wheels or doing something that isn't actually being productive, adding value to my business.” And by identifying those bits of time, I'm now in a position where do you know what? I can produce two pieces of quality content a week and I'm going to.

Take A Step Back</2>
And so by just taking a step back and this is where having a coach or an accountability partner really helps because they don't have your prejudice when looking at what it is that you do, what your daily methods of operation are, they can go, “Well actually, where's the productivity in that section of the day? What you actually do in here? Could you not chop that around a little bit?” And if you can't, you can't, but by having that dispassionate person's view going over and you've got to trust them. You have got to trust them. That having that second pair of eyes looking at your calendar, looking at how you're actually spending your time, you may well find that you have availability.

The Importance Of Blog Journals ~ Know What You Are Going To Say

Certainly I was sitting here in a funk this morning, thinking, what am I going to talk about? What am I going to talk about? I went back to the business model, looked at my pillars, looked at the areas that I am helping people in and thought, right, okay, there's nearly 60 pieces of content just in that business model. And it's incorporating that business model, those topics, creating a blog journal, creating that journal where I can go, yeah okay. I've done that. I need to do this. Bosh. And with a little bit of creativity, a little bit of positive thinking, you can actually find those gaps in your calendar, where you can create. And by doing that, you can bring value to the audience that you're serving. And I think that's really important. If you're expecting an online venture of any description to provide you with any level of income, you have to start by leading with value.

Speak Soon

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you find gaps in your calendar. If you're struggling, maybe leave a comment or ask a question. I'd love to help out. My name is Steve Greenhalgh stuckinatruck.com. We produce new content every Wednesday and every Saturday. If you're new to the channel, hit that subscribe button, ring that notification bell. If you've enjoyed the video, give me a like, if you haven't, it's all right, you can tell me. If I don't know how you're receiving the content, how can I improve it? Don't forget, you can leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. And it may just be that your comment asks the question that everybody else has said, “Wonder if he's thought of that.” Maybe you can ask the question nobody else is brave enough to. You take care. Enjoy your week. Bye-bye.

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