Hey, how are you?
People often ask me how, as a driver, have you got your weight under control when you're living in the cab? And although I don't live in the cab full-time anymore, I still do a couple of weekend trips.

The secret is the same every time, preparation.

As you can see here, I'm preparing ham wraps, I don't know if you can get that in the picture, preparing ham wraps, so I'm getting en Plas,

  • Boiled Ham
  • Grapes
  • Spring onions,
  • Lettuce,
  • Mustard,
  • A bit of lazy garlic,


This will give me two boxes of ham wraps.   ( If You Want To Buy some of these Great Boxes for your food Prep Click HERE https://stuckinatruck.com/Boxes

So there's a whole host of fruit that goes with me, and I literally load the cab up, and I'll show you when I'm loading the car up tomorrow night,

I go in about 02:30 in the morning, but all this food is prepped up in advance.

I don't leave anything to chance because the stuff you can buy out, you know the stuff you buy on the roadside…

Okay there's

  • overnight oats prepped there,
  • strawberries,
  • blueberries,
  • all the good stuff,
  • raspberries,
  • blackberries,
  • more boiled ham,
  • eggs,
  • and then I've got a really healthy 5% mince,
  • and that's a meal that I've cooked earlier on,
  • spaghetti bolognese,
  • low-fat, completely Slimming World friendly.

Pasta's got nothing on it, no butter, no sauce, and the actual meat sauce is pure 5% mince with just speed veg, so it's got mushrooms, tomatoes, what have you.

There's my oat milk because I'm off cow's milk and I'm really strict about measuring out on a daily basis just how much milk I consume, and by doing that I'm keeping my weight under control. Plenty of zero-fat yogurts as well.

You Do Not Lose Weight By Accident

So yeah, that's it. As I say, I'll show you when everything is put together what it looks like because there is preparation, but I think it's reasonable to suggest that you don't get the weight loss results that I've had by taking things casually. Nothing is left to chance, the meals that I'm going to eat, the preparation that I do, is planned out well in advance, okay. See you in a bit when I've got the stuff loaded into the bags, ready to put into the car, take care.

Packing Up

There we are packing up, there are two big boxes of fresh fruit.
five of each, times two,
five of each fruit for two days.

  • 5 nectarines,
  • 5 plums,
  • 5 oranges,
  • 5pears,
  • and one banana.


Then we've got all the fruit and everything.

This is a two-day trip, okay, and the breakfast goes in there, keep it cold,

So that is the only icebox that we use, everything else stays fresh, just don't put it in the heated part of the wagon. Okay?

Getting Up At Silly O'clock

So here we go, 3:00 a.m., I am getting ready to pack up and go, usual sort of time, got a head torch on but that's how dark it is. It's all good fun, that's the car, right, keys, food, cups, go.

So here we go, everything's in there, let's turn that off. Food's in, that's going in the fridge.

We don't actually have a fridge in this unit so the fridge is out on the roof, up here, look.

Through the roof, all right, it's under there, okay it ain't going anywhere, there you go, so that's that fridge.

It's the one thing I really do miss, but…

Then the side locker so shut the roof.

I've never lost a pint of milk or had one go sour in all the years I've been working, it either sits on the step or goes on the roof right and then…

Side locker, make sure your side locker's insulated like this one, because on the other side it gets the night heater keeping stuff in there warm, so don't put your food in there and if you haven't got a proper side locker like this, if you've got one under the trailer, like the rubber side lockers.

I used to have one of those, on the side of a rigid I lined with three-inch polystyrene, that would keep fresh food in there for up to three days at a time without losing it.

Okay. All right, then, so the middle of the night, it's quarter to four in the morning, so silly o'clock.

Yard for the trucks and there's my trailer right down the bottom.

Let's see it now, we go and get hooked up and get on the road. See you later guys.


If You Are Serious About Controlling Your Weight

You will use the preparation time properly… it saves you so much trouble having to buy food or drink while out on the road

It keeps you eating right and SAVES YOU MONEY

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