Ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 0048 of Gary's Glorious Golden Nuggets, and today we have Steve Greenhalgh, PART 2

Steve Greenhalgh:
If Your dreams don't scare you if they're not big enough, and I've lived by that.

If you're going to invest your life and times into making a hundred dollars, 10x it, because if you fail, you'll still be further forward. Just go big.

And there's nothing, if at first, it isn't a dream.
Everything starts there.
What advice would you give somebody who's relatively new into this digital world, this world of being an online entrepreneur? What advice would you give to somebody who's just beginning this journey?

Steve Greenhalgh:
I think, first and foremost, never compare yourself to anybody else.


  • Comparison is so corrosive. I work with people at all stages of this going forward.
    I work with people that have been online for six weeks and have sales.
    I've worked with people that have been online for six years and are still…
    In fact, a call yesterday a lady that I've been working with for five years said, “I found it.” And I thought, “Ooh, yeah, great, what?”I've found my domain name and I absolutely love it.And I'm thinking, “That's great Mildred.That sounds fabulous. So pleased.” Now IF she was looking around and watching what everybody else was doing. She would stop dead because she would think she is finished.
    She's not. Her journey's just different.
    Wherever you are, whoever you are, It IS  Your Journey There's a whole host of stuff.
    Be teachable,
  • be keen,
  • never stop asking questions,
  • always do your research,
  • Be a self starter
  • Be Determined
  • blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
  • The most important thing is don't look at what other people are doing.It's none of your business, what they're doing, and it has no impact on what you are doing. Simple.

It's really simple.

Steve Greenhalgh:
It is.

Now you mentioned one of your mentors was Stuart Ross.

Steve Greenhalgh:

Can you name a couple other people who've been great resources that have helped you along your journey?

Steve Greenhalgh:
Number one, my father.
Because I think the fruit never falls far from the tree.
And this is one of the things this epitomizes my dad, he was a research chemist from very humble beginnings.

Dear Dr. Greenhalgh,
let me introduce myself.
I'm the man who lost 83,500 Japanese Yen at a Hong Kong Hilton sometime on June 22nd 1972.
I missed the money at the airport in Hong Kong on my way to Tokyo, and while I notified the hotel, I had very little hope of recovering the money.
It is wonderful to know that there are still honest men in this world, and I don't really know how I can ever reciprocate.

And my dad found the money outside the hotel, picked it up.
That could have paid his mortgage. He'd have been debt free and he could have just tossed it in his pocket and nobody would have known, but he would.
And he turned around and he went back to the hotel reception, spoke to the general manager, said,

“Look, somebody's going to ask you about this. I've just found it on the steps. This is who I am,” left a business card, never thought anything more about it.”

Steve Greenhalgh:
They were friends for life.
And that level of integrity, that level of truth and honesty, some people would say got me into a lot of trouble because I call a spade a spade.
I tell it how I see it.
I don't blow smoke up people's skirts and make them feel good.

I want them to feel good, but I want them to know the truth, which is the whole thing about when you come along and sitting there wishing for it ain't going to cut it.
It's a very old maxim,

No Bees, No Honey, No Work, No Money.

Another person who was a massive influence on me after Steuart was a guy called John Jackson,

JJ, helped me to define my purpose. And

My purpose is to recognize the value in others so that they can happily dance in the knowing that they matter.

I'll let that one sit with you, I'll say it again.

Steve Greenhalgh:
My purpose is to recognize the value in others so that they can happily dance in the knowing that they matter.

When John Jackson read that out to me,{ I had spent an awful lot of money to hear that sentence}.

I have to say I was less than impressed

  • what was I meant to do with that?
  • Go hug a tree,
  • help people to hug trees,
  • worship grass,
  • seriously, JJ,
  • what do I do with that?

And he said, “Go home, look at your life through that lens.
Do the people in your life know that you value them?” The simple truth is, no she didn't.

My Wife had put up with me for 30 years at that point. And changing that, number one, she didn't recognize me and said, “Okay, you're not Steve Greenhalgh, give me back my husband.” Because I was suddenly, I wasn't demanding her to make me happy.
That was my fault. If I'm not happy, that's my fault. Not her job. And my job isn't to make her happy. She needs to know that I value and treasure, and that she has value. And the dancing, we just started as we were going through the why process.
Steve Greenhalgh:
And JJ'd done it and then we went back to define it. And the dancing part came because Judy has always loved dancing. And at that point I was 154 pounds, which is 11 and a half stone, maybe seventy kilos heavier than I am there. And she wanted to go dancing. And we love rock and roll music, and I would stand there and virtually be a maypole and she'd jig and dance around me and I felt an absolute prune, but it mattered to me that she was happy and had value, so we did it.
And we now are really good. The more weight I've lost the quicker on my feet I've become, and we dance whenever we can because I recognized her value and that saved my marriage. Seriously.

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