Ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 0048 of Gary's Glorious Golden Nuggets.

Today, we have Steve Greenhalgh, who is the creator of StuckinaTruck, which is a wonderful online resource for Truck Drivers that I highly recommend.

Steve's a very interesting individual. He began his working career, really, in the five-star hotel industry, but realized that this was wonderful being a single guy, but being a married man, it was going to ruin everything for him, so he left it. He's lived around the world in that regards. He's been a businessman. He's been a joiner. He's picked up some trades. But now he drives long-distance trucking within the UK, and he has created his own entrepreneurial online presence. Without any further ado, Steve, welcome to Gary's Glorious Golden Nuggets.

Steve Greenhalgh:
Hi. Thanks for having me.

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Well, it's really good to have you here, Steve, because I think you're going to bring in some very interesting perspectives in regards to being an online entrepreneur, areas of leadership that you have to employ, whether it's only leading yourself correctly or helping other people to get their lives figured out.

The other thing that I think is that there's a spiritual path that seems to materialize when people get into this world, that really, for myself, I did not expect. I did not expect that there's this energetic presence that's going on when we're involved.

Steve Greenhalgh:
I'm slightly less esoteric than a lot, although I'm spiritually based. So many of these people that come across online, which are, “I'm manifesting. I'm manifesting. I'm manifesting.” Then they're looking out the window, and the Rolls-Royce still isn't on the drive. You can manifest to your heart's content, but if you don't put the work in, nothing is going to come of it. My favorite book along those lines is Michael Singer's Untethered Soul. He just did the work. He didn't ask what the work had to be, but when it was presented, he did the work, and I think-

Ladies and gentlemen, gold nuggets already, all over the place. You have to do the work. I mean, you can't just sit down and stare at your belly button all day. You have to get up-

Steve Greenhalgh:
Well, you can.

… and take action.

Steve Greenhalgh:
You can.


Steve Greenhalgh:
If you want a six-figure, seven-figure, eight-figure business, you've got to provide value.

Absolutely. What's the one thing you wish you had known before you had become an online entrepreneur?

Steve Greenhalgh:

That I was good enough.

Can you elucidate a little bit on that?

Steve Greenhalgh:
One of my early mentors in the online space, Stuart Ross, kept drilling into me,
“Steve, you're a truck driver. That's your audience.”

My response was always, “Yeah, but you don't know truck drivers. They're knuckle-draggers. They're not the brightest of people. They're aggressive. If they can't knock it out or hit it with a hammer, it doesn't get fixed,”
and he said,
“Yeah, but Steve. You're a truck driver.”
“But I'm unusual.”
“But Steve, you're a truck driver.”
It took about five years for me to really hear that message.
How arrogant of me to think that I'm the only truck driver with a modicum of intelligence, number one.
How arrogant of me to think that I'm the only one who would have the balls to invest in themselves.
Talk to that which you know, in their language, but know that you're good enough. If you follow that, you'll set yourself FREE, period.

Absolutely. Absolutely. I think there's a lot of truth there. Let me ask you this. There's projects that you get involved with as an entrepreneur. You know, some of them don't work out really too well. What's one of the bigger ones that didn't work out too well, and what did you learn from it?

Steve Greenhalgh:
I've resisted answering that question because I don't think I've had any failures.
I've had some catastrophic screw-ups, where I've made mistakes, but I've learned from them, so I've never looked back and thought,

“You should have done it like that. You should have…”

Anybody can look back with 20/20 vision.

Even looking at things we've done as a family, my wife and I look back and think,

“We shouldn't have made that investment. We shouldn't have done…”

But do you know what? We made our best decision at the time, with the information we had, and if we went back, we'd make exactly the same decision. So it wasn't a failure. It was an attempt to get further forward.

Steve Greenhalgh:
The one thing I really wish I'd done differently was YouTube marketing with paid marketing.

Because we had a big weekend, and it was brilliant, and this guy called Tom Breeze came in, and taught us all exactly how to do it, and they put a prize on of $1,000 to the first person to get an ad.

So I rushed, and I didn't read the rules from Google, and I got an account suspended.

And I said, “I've got to use this link there, because of this,” and they said, “No, you can't. It's a bridging link.”
“I don't know what a bridging link is.” And rather than take the time to find out, I opened another account, suspended for exactly the same thing.

Steve Greenhalgh:
And I opened another account, and I phoned the Google rep and said,

“Look, I'm trying to give you three, four grand a month here, in marketing.”
They said,
“If you're trying to impress us, you just failed.
You're an annoyance.
You are so small that we can't see you on the speck of the speck of the needle that you're sitting on the point of the needle of.
That is immaterial, and you will antagonize our audience.
You need to get those three accounts out of suspension. Y
ou need to get them all ratified.
You need associated websites that all work,”

and even if I got each of those accounts to be legal in Google's eyes,
I would then be not…

I would be suspended immediately for having three accounts, all directing traffic to the same offer.
It's called double-serving, and that's not allowed in Google's Compliance

Steve Greenhalgh:

Ready, Fire, Aim

Has always been my mantra.
In that case, in that one instance, it precluded me, and I still haven't sorted those accounts out.
I still don't want to do it, and I'm building a YouTube channel organically,

Sticking my finger up to the world because I will do it without budget.
I do not even own the associated websites anymore.
I don't even own the domain, so how can I make a website whose domain I no longer own? Google compliant, can't be done.

Steve Greenhalgh:
And the other thing I was advised to do was buy another computer, get a different credit card, go to a different address, and pretend to be somebody else.
I'm running a business based on personal integrity.
If I have to pretend to be somebody else, sitting at somebody else's home, with a credit card in somebody else's…

How is that being honest?

Won't do it. Of all the things I have done, that one thing, I regret.
I should have taken my time, and asked a question,
‘What's a bridging link? How do I deal without… How do I use these links?”
Learned from that. Just follow the rules. Google will help you. Follow the rules. It's their bat. It's their ball.

Hey, I think that is really true, but I also want people to hear what you said about the ready, fire, aim, because for myself, I've always believed anything that's really worth doing is worth doing poorly in the beginning.

Steve Greenhalgh:
Oh, 100%. Absolutely. If we all waited until everything was all real good to go, I wouldn't get out of bed in the morning. You'd just never start anything.

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