Hey, how you doing?

I want to very quickly talk about slip-ups and screw ups.

That Big Lesson

We all have them and I think one of the biggest lessons I learned very early on in my weight loss journey was just drawing a line.
I got very bent out of shape over really guarding everything that was going in.
I had this plan to stick to, the right food, the wrong food,  at the end of the day, there is no right and wrong food.
If you want to go to McDonald's and have a burger, go to McDonald's and have a burger, just don't do it three times a day.
If you have one meal a week that's McDonald's or a pizza, or you go to the pub for a Sunday lunch and you have three beers.
It's one meal, it's like one meal out of a week.
If you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, that's 21 meals a week.
You slip up once, it's one 21st of the week. That's all it is.

So Many Say This

I hear so many people say:

“Oh, well, I've had a bacon sandwich. Fuck it, that's the week ruined.”

That's like driving down the motorway, having a puncture, then slashing all the other tires on the truck because you've got one puncture.
You just wouldn't do it, you just change the tire and carry on.

Do NOT let One Puncture Ruin Your Drive

If you go out and you have a bad meal, just enjoy the fucking meal.
We're here once, life is about enjoying yourself, life is about having fun. And one bad meal doesn't ruin the whole week. And it's like, we're waiting for that slip-up so we can give ourselves permission to take the pressure off. I found if you just take the pressure off to start with, makes life so much easier. So try and remember that going forward. If you do slip up, so what? We're allowed to slip up, we're allowed to fuck up. It really doesn't matter.

Have Fun!

Enjoy yourself, enjoy the food that you eat, it's really important.
I'll speak to you soon.
And remember,

Don't Struggle Alone

if you're struggling with anything, just PM me. PM me in this group and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You take care. Nice to see you. Take care. Bye-bye.

Now Remember – I Can Help

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