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In this video, I'm going to be talking about planning. I think if you go forward without any sort of plan, don't get me wrong. I'm very much into ready, fire, aim. I love people that can be reactive, that respond well to circumstances. That's great. But I think the most successful people I've seen online are people who plan, people who know what the next step is. Because when you wake up, when you start work, you know what your next task is going to be.

Spreadsheets really help. I love spreadsheets. I love the Excel where you can put your numbers in and having that clarity around expenditure and where the costs are, what money you need, where you need to be, what levels of income you need to achieve by when, having that clarity around your numbers is super critical. Otherwise, it's guesswork and you could be investing far more than you can ever hope to get in return.

It's really important that you pay attention to your numbers. Okay? You mustn't overlook the critical numbers. People have this tendency to just sort of, “Oh, yeah, but I'm paid for that.” Treat your online business like any other business. Give it a bank account, allocate funds. If you've said you're not going to spend more than $500 a month, that's what you spend.

Then, if there's a really important case for investing more, look at it over the how's it going to impact, where are you going to take those funds from? It's very easy in the online world to see a quick solution that you think, “Oh, it's only a couple of hundred dollars.” Bang. You're buying this tool. You're buying that tool.

Realistically, are you going to get a return on that investment? Do you need to spend that money? Because if you don't, you shouldn't. Simple answer. Financial planning and financial awareness is supercritical and if you aren't treating your online business as you would a proper normal bricks and mortar business, you really missing a trick.

Don't expect that online business to support you sooner than it should, but whatever you do, give it respect and treat it with respect and allow yourself to plan properly.

Treat this like a business, it will reward you like a business.
If you're not treating it like a business, you've just got a very expensive hobby that's neither use to man nor beast.
Treat it like a business, it will reward you like a business.

Steve Greenhalgh stuckinatruck.com over Business Without Bullshit. Speak to you soon. Bye-bye.

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