Hi, how are you? Steve Greenhalgh here from StuckInATruck.com.

Today I'm coming to you from a very empty lorry park, just off the M6 OR M74. Lockerbie Truck Stop and I'm the only wagon in the whole car park.

The cafe's are closed, truck stop's are closed, apart from parking, which is free. There's a toilet, which is a temporary toilet over there, which isn't very pleasant, but I always stop here.

Why is that relevant to today? Because, I'm talking about habits, habit creation and how powerful habit creation can be in about everything that we do.

Habits Become Like Muscle Memory

If you can build a habit, it's like building a muscle, but it's beyond building a muscle. If you can create a habit, it really is the single most important part of success going forward.

Habits are energy savers, for want of a better description. If you can create a habit around a skill that you need to repeat often it then becomes…

What's that expression? Ah yes it becomes a no brainer. You just don't have to think about it. You go onto autopilot and you just get on and do it.

Because you do it by habit, you build a muscle memory so that your body remembers how each part of the task is performed.

Whether that is always pulling into Lockerbie Truck Stop at about half past 10 on a Monday on my way back from Aberdeen.

That's what I've always done…

This Is Where I Stop!

I say to myself “but it's not open, but that's where I stop, but it's not open“.

At the end of the day this is where I stop because I like stopping here, and it doesn't matter that there's nothing to do here.

This is where I stop, end of!

I could as soon stop anywhere and wherever I wanted, but without thinking about it, I just pull in here. It's a natural part of the journey.

It's a good break. Certainly very quiet and peaceful. I used to overnight here a lot, on the transporters, and it's all right.

It's a good environment. Safe with wide loads, you can get a 15 foot in through the gate dead easy, there's always space. They also segregate the fridges as well, so you don't get disturbed.

The fridges are always on the far side of the park. You don't get any sort of idiot parking next to you with a bloody rattly old diesel fridge unit churning away for eight hours overnight.

It's habitual. I used to enjoy the food here, but now I bring my own, but habitually I've stopped at Lockerbie.

Habits Take Time, But Not Too Long

If you apply that same message to an essential part of a business moving forward, it's really powerful. Habits take between 30 and 60 days to form.

I think the key to habit formation is not to try and change too many things at once.

If you're going to start creating habits for success, I would focus on three main areas in life. Physical or health, business and relationships.

I wouldn't try and do two or three habits from any one topic until you've got a habit bedded in.

If you look at the physical things, I committed to rowing every day. I could as soon stop that now as fly to the moon.

I row every day by habit and it's habitual. It's an essential part of what I do and if I don't row?

My eyes are itching. It's really weird but at the beginning I really had to force myself.

At First You Are Really Up For It, Then!

I think the first few days, you get going and you're all enthusiastic, and this applies to any form of exercise or any sort of activity. You're all keen and everything's wonderful.

Then after about a week, sort of seven to 10 days you start saying to yourself “Oh, have I got to row? Do I have to?”.  You've really got to force yourself.

Even when you commit to something, like saying “I'll walk the dog every day at 10 o'clock”. Then the first day it rains, you go, “Oh, sod it,” and you put the dog out to shit in the garden.

You must overcome that resistance because the resistance will always be there so you must force yourself to go through that.

That resistance will occur approximately seven to eight days in and up to about 20 days.

Then All Of A Sudden You Break Free

That is your critical point and you've got to get through that, then it'll get easier and easier!

Then you get to about day 28 to day 30 of repetitive behavior. If you can maintain the behavior past 30 days, that's like liftoff, you've broken free of gravity.

It's like a rocket pouring fuel in, trying to get away from gravity. If you get to about day 28, day 30, you break free.

The things is what happens if you don't keep the pressure on, if you don't keep going and don't make yourself do that for the next 30 days?

Then boy you come down fast and crash back down to earth!

If You Keep Going Everything Then Becomes A No Brainer

Once you've got past 60 days, and just do whatever the activity is without thinking, it honestly becomes a no brainer.

Like brushing your teeth, walking the dog, rowing, eating a certain food, eating at a certain time or stopping at a certain lorry park, whatever it is!

If you get to a point where you are following that habit and doing that task habitually, you really don't have to think about it.

It sets you free. It really does just set you free! You have got that one ticking over as a no brainer.

So you're walking the dog and you say, right, okay, I'm going to walk the dog but I want to do something else.

Maybe go jogging, go fo a bike ride or go swimming every day. You know, whatever it is it will become an additional habit.

Once you've got something set, that's when you layer the next habit on and the next habit on.

Add New Skill Sets That You Can Master

If as part of your online business, you are going to create content either by video or by written work for example. I would only add one new skill set that you going to master over a 60 day period.

If you're going to commit to creating video content every day, do it for 60 to 90 days to really make sure it becomes habitual.

There'll be huge resistance, especially around I would say the 10, 15 and 25 day period but you must keep going.

Then if you ease off after day 30, you could lose the habit. You've got to keep going and remain disciplined.

When you get to day 60, it will happen, just without even thinking about it. Just like walking the dog as you will go out and you'll put your coat on.

Combining Habits Together

What will happen then is you can tie habits together. You walk the dog and create your video. Yeah?

You walk your dog, you've got a notebook with you and the dog's over there, playing in the fields. You're there, in the moment so get your phone out and create a bit of video content.

Make it a habit to always carry your blog journal with you so that if you see something out and about, you can make a note of it.

Even that act of carrying a journal, carrying the equipment with which to just grab your phone and have a selfie stick.

Grab the equipment and make sure you're always prepared to take advantage of the situation. Does that make sense? Cool.

Habits will set you free. If you can create a habit around any of your activity, you will really start rocking it. Then good habits truly set you free. Alright?

Nice to see you.

Steve Greenhalgh, stuckinatruck.com. On the path to future habits of wealth. You take care, speak to you soon. Bye. Bye.

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