A very quick video with an analogy that's pertinent to where I am in life at the moment.
I want to break it down for you because so many people…
I've worked with a lot of people online, offline, building teams, building businesses.
I have found over the years, people become very resistant to setting realistic goals, setting goals that will have a big impact, and setting goals that are realistic.

Forget the smart analogy. Goals are a way of managing your time.


I think it was IBM who coined the phrase, MBO,
Management By Objective.
I could be wrong and don't quote me.
But MBO is a very basic way of motivating teams and motivating individuals. You give them a really attractive target to aim for and you manage them by their objective. So every time they feel, “I can't do this, it's too hard,” you just refresh their memory as to why they started and manage them by their objective.

So that's what we're going to be talking about. It's going to be very quick.

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So, why am I bringing this talk about goal setting now?
I think it's the primary motivator and it leads to you taking action. And without you taking action, you are not going to change where you are in life. There used to be a saying in the UK certainly that the best goal scorers in the world in football, Bobby Child, and George Best, all these names from my era, I don't know who it would be now. But none of those guys would be able to score any goals if there were no goalposts if there was nothing to aim for if there was no target. Forget the goalkeeper, forget the penalties, the rules, everything else. If you take the goals away, the game is pointless.

Do You Get Results?

If you want to get somewhere that isn't where you are now, number one, you need to identify where you are and show a bit of gratitude for everything that you've got around you. But number two, you need to have a real clear idea of what it is you're aiming for. And the reason I'm bringing this up now, why it's prescient at the moment.
Judi & I are going on holiday next week and we're going down to Cornwall.
The goal is for us to go somewhere we know and love to retreat from the world, to spend time by the ocean, me to do some swimming and kite flying, Judi to do some painting. And for us to just be away from everything.

Far More Than Route Planning

We know where we are. We know what our start point is. We're here. How do we get from here to Cornwall? Well, we go on the M42, M5, A38 all the way down to Padstow, then round the little roads out to Treyarnon, which is the seventh bay of the Seven Bays. And we know exactly to the nth degree almost where the endpoint is. We even know it's caravan A12, so when we get to the caravan site, we know exactly which van we're in. So straightforward, easy target. A lot of people think, okay, job done. Fine, job is done, but in preparation for leaving, what are we going to do when we get there? So we need to bring together all the things we need while we're there, all the things we need on the trip. We can't do a supermarket delivery order because they won't allow strangers on the campsite. They would prefer us to do the shopping before we go.

Planning, Visualisation, Gets Shit Done

Right. So, we've got a list of things that we want to take with us. We've got the beach equipment, the kite, surfboard, wetsuit. We're not taking a windbreak, but we're taking a beach tent. Julie's art stuff, easel, magnifier, light source because she's doing some really fine work. So that's all that side of it. We have to take bedding. We have to take towels because there's none of that provided this time, and all our food, cutlery, everything. So we've got a list of things we need to take. So we're really precise on where we're going. We're really precise about when we're going because we've made a booking. So we know that we're going to get to that caravan by half-past 10 on Tuesday morning.

Structure & Planning

That's a goal. It's immovable. We've paid. We're going. Now, yes, we may have a puncture and be late, but that's outside of our control. But everything within our control will focus us on getting to Treyarnon. And unless the earth moves on its axis or the car breaks down, in which case we'll get another car and we still turn up on time, or the road's on fire and we have to wait while the road is repaired. All those things that are outside our control, we will handle. But we will get to our destination at the time stated with all the equipment that we need, because we've set the goal. We know where we're going and we know what we're going to do.

You Do It For Holidays, Why Not For Life?

Now, you do that when you go on holiday. And what I'm suggesting is, if you can go to that much detail for five days in a static caravan, or mobile home, call it what you will, or a double-wide camper. If you can go into that much detail for a five-day sojourn by the ocean, what about the rest of your life? It's no different. It's just that the trip we're taking is a bit longer. But if you get total clarity on where you're going and what you're going to do when you get there and how it's going to look and how you're going to look and what you are going to be able to achieve, the people that you help on the way, the people that you need to ignore on the way, the naysayers that say, “Oh, you don't want to go down the M5, it's a terrible road. No, go down the A34. It's much easier.”

When Do You Want To Get There

It's much easier but it takes 17 times as long because you're going all over the bloody country. The straight route, route one, down you go. Do that with life. There is nowhere and nothing that you can't achieve in the next six months. And I'm talking to me as much as I'm talking to you here. Set a goal, work out the way stations, the things you need to do to make that goal a reality along the way. Bring it down to daily methods of operation, DMO. Your most important asset is income producing activity, the most important activity. Knowing what you're providing to your customer, knowing why you're providing it to your customer, knowing who your customer is, and fulfilling the promise that you set out.


But if you're in any sort of business, you must have a goal that is measurable. You must know when you're going to achieve it, you must know what it's going to look like when you do achieve it, and you must know how you've done it. Okay? It's got to be achievable, otherwise, you won't try. But it's got to stretch you, otherwise, there's no point. Speak to you soon.

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