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Five Things Leaders Do

Today I'm going to be talking about the five things that leaders do, and I'm also going to highlight the one thing that I've found most people pay lip service to or ignore. Okay?

I wonder if you'll think which one it is. I wonder if you'll spot it before I get there.

Okay. The five things that leader do

  1. They visualize and meditate about the goal completion for the day ahead.
  2. They always focus on income-producing activity.
  3. They always invest in themselves, buy education, pay for coaching. It's really important. They buy courses, but they get the money's worth out of those courses.
  4. They mastermind with other leaders.
  5. They learn, do, and teach. Five very simple things that, when put together, create a whole package.


Number 1 Visulaisation Of Goal Completion

So, at the beginning of the day, visualization on goal completion.
Take 10, 15 minutes. Set yourself down.
Work out what it is you're going to achieve that day and see yourself accomplishing it.

See the outcome that you're trying to achieve.

If you can't see that, if you don't believe that, it's going to be very difficult for you to achieve it.

Number 2  Income-producing Activity.

Whatever area of business you work in, your business has to produce income.
If it doesn't, honestly, you've got yourself a very expensive hobby.

Please don't kid yourself, “Oh well I'll do all the good work and karma will make sure that I'm rewarded.”
Maybe. But if you want to produce a level of income to pay your bills to live off at a reasonable standard, you need to get good at an income-producing activity,

  • booking your next client,
  • be it lead generation,
  • onboarding a new client,
  • selling something,
  • going to work,
  • to a job to nurture your business.

People jump into this online space and go, “Oh, I've got a business,” and quit work. Uh?

Businesses fail in the first three to five years by being underfunded. Don't resent your job. That job is paying for your freedom.

Number Three, Invest in Yourself.

Choose wisely. Don't get stuck in education mode.
If you need to invest in a coach to help you overcome or to help be the catalyst to see where you can go, do it.
Every time I've taken off in any business, I've always had a coach or a mentor that has guided me. They don't do the work for me, but they show me the way, and they sometimes have great ideas and they have a different perspective on what I'm trying to do.
Money well spent.


Number Four Masterminding with Other Leaders.

That's an essential part of any venture because it gives you more perspective.
It also helps you work collaboratively, and it can bring strengths into your organization on a reciprocal basis.
I'm not the best at number analysis and number-crunching, but I've worked with people that are brilliant at it.
The folk I mastermind with maybe not as creative as I can be or as good at editing or whatever, but we can skill-share and we can share knowledge. Leaders do that.

Number Five: Learn, Do, Teach.

Pass on what you've learned. Help other people.
I'd rather give people a lift up than step down on them. Learn, do, and teach. Really essential moving forward.

Which One Gets Ignored Most?

So what's the one area of life that I found most people ignore or pay lip service to?
Can you guess?

Number Two, Income-producing Activity.

It's not fun. It's work. It's rolling up your sleeves. Success always presents itself dressed in work clothes, and sometimes you've got to do the work. Now we work smart and we work consistently, and we do what's necessary.

But income-producing activity is the lifeblood of any business. And as I said earlier, if your business isn't producing regular sustainable, ongoing income, you've got yourself a very expensive hobby. Don't kid yourself. If you've got to learn to drive traffic to your offer, learn that skill. Super, supercritical.

The other three things, they will kick in. They will become part of that which you need, but don't kid yourself. Don't kid yourself. And please don't misunderstand. I don't worship money. Money is the applause for a job well done, but it's essential in this modern society. I'd love to go down at the bottom of the garden with my fishing rod, grab five trout and nip to Tesco's and put petrol or gas in my car. They want cash. They're mercenary. Not me. I'd love to walk around with half a sheep under my arm when I go shopping. Buy a pair of jeans. “Here's some sheep.” They want cash. It's an essential tool. I put it right up there with oxygen. Okay? It's required. Your business is here to sustain you, but it will only sustain you if you're producing income. Okay?

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