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Do Not let fear hold you back

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Good morning. How are we?



What is holding you back?
What do you need to overcome to live your best life?
So many acronyms around fear:

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    What's your biggest fear, and how do you overcome it? So
  • False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • There's another couple,
  • Forget Everything And Run or

Face Everything And Rise.
I think it was Shakespeare that said extreme fear can't know fight or fly.

An Ancient Defence Mechanism

Fear is something that was built into us to protect us many, many, many, many years ago when there were saber-toothed tigers and Heffalumps roaming the earth.
The fear of being silly or looking silly will strike as much terror into your heart as facing a saber-toothed tiger used to do.

It is quite incredible and that base survival instinct has never changed.

I think it's Dr. Susan Jeffers in her book, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, who really summed it up for me about fears.

We're all controlled at base by a single fear, and it's the fear of,

    • Will I be good enough?
    • Will I measure up?
    • Will I handle it?

At the core of everything, it's always that self-doubt that we're dealing with.

Do I Measure Up

Am I good enough? Will I measure up?
Sometimes we don't know if we're good enough.
Sometimes going somewhere that is uncomfortable is the only way that we will find out if we're good enough.

Sometimes, maybe we're not, but you know what?

If we're not good enough to do something that we're attempting for the first time and we screw up,

Failure Is NOT Terminal

it's not like we've put our heads in the jaws of that saber-toothed tiger.

  • It's not like we've started walking on razor blades. It's nothing terminal.
  • Nothing's ever terminal unless it's the last time that you try.
    People say, “I wish I was brave enough to do that. It must be great to be fearless.”
    I think bravery doesn't mean you don't have fear, but it's having that fear and going for it anyway, getting through it, just doing it.I think the people that don't face, or the fears that we do not face, become Uncontrollable. Many people, many people are so limited by fear that they just stop living their life, and they get into a rut where everything they do is comfortable.There is no fear.

    Definition of A Rut

    You know what the definition of a rut is, don't you?
    A rut's just a grave with the ends kicked in.

    Your body's keeping going, but your spirit died when you hit the rut, and you just stopped living your best life.

    Don't let fear stop you

    Recognize fear for that which it is, a survival instinct when we were just climbing out of the primordial ooze.

    Don't let fear stop you.

    Our best life begins just the other side of our Comfort Zone.
    Sometimes life can be bloody scary.
    Sometimes we find ourselves on a cliff edge, balancing, teetering on the edge with very little to stop us plunging down to our doom.

    But you know what?

    Today you got a 100% survival record.
    Love living your life.
    Just feel the fear, and do it anyway.

    My name's Steve Greenhalgh, Like I say, if you do find this on YouTube, and you've enjoyed it, give us a thumbs up. Hit the subscribe button. Ring the notification back. Leave us a comment. Tell me what's the biggest fear you have overcome successfully, and why you're glad you pushed yourself that extra mile. I'm not saying it's easy, but I'm saying it's worth it. You take care, speak soon. Bye-bye.

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