How Important is A Domain Name?

I recorded this video is in response to a student, Leanne's, and I hope a lot of you may get some benefit from it.
It's about

  • Domains,
  • Websites,
  • What goes where,
  • How do I separate stuff?
  • Should I have a separate website per topic?


This is how I think about websites, domains, and the structure of them,
what fits where, and
can you put more than one topic on a single website or
should it be very specific and niche down?

My Favourite Analogy

I want you to think of a mighty Oaktree, and think of the trunk first and foremost.
As it grows from a tiny seed.
Within that first little sapling, if you take a section and look through it, the DNA for that tree is all there.
Every part of the value of the DNA is already showing in that first stem.
That's your burgeoning, baby, what would you call it?
Emerging website.

This site is your persona online.
It's who you are.
As Pete Harris says,
That first website, that baby little or authority website is you, it's your home.
This is where you live, where people come and find you.
They knock on the door and say, ‘Hi, are you in?”
Even if he weren't home and the door was left ajar and they tiptoed in.
They would know who you were in terms of your values, your beliefs, by the evidence in the home.

Your website should be, an authority website. It IS YOU 

It will grow into this wonderful tree trunk that holds all your values.
They are core, that's the term, CORE
Core values never waiver.
So if your core values, your deal breakers, are honesty, truth, integrity, accountability, hard work, showing up, always being true to your word, these core, core values are constant. And whether you're selling gizmos from China by the container load, or whether you're selling an online course that's bespoke and tailored per client, so in other words, no two courses are the same, because you've built them, the core values are integral to those gizmos or courses.

Now, the point about this is you can have multiple businesses shooting and sprouting and coming off that trunk.
If you go and look at an Oak tree, they all started as a single little sapling,
A little tree growing from a little bitty, bitty seed, and look at all the facets, look at all the branches on them now, and all the little leaves.

You don't know where your business is going to go, but if every time you change direction, you change the website,
you will never make any progress because you will spend all your time in build mode and you won't focus on the important stuff.

So going forward, follow the tree analogy, as the tree grows, a little branch will sprout off to the side.


Oak Trees Do NOT wear Beech Tree Leaves!

Now, if you cut through that the DNA is identical.
The core values within that branch are identical.
You wouldn't get a beach leaf growing on an Oak tree.
You wouldn't get a rose flowering on an Apple tree.
Those core values of Leanne, The Web site “”, grows from Leanne.
Leanne's values are intrinsic to “

It is possible on the other side of the trunk, you might have another branch that will be Leanne's affiliate business.
Leanne goes salsa and creates a dance school three branches up.
Leanne does the shopping channel three branches up and going that way.
Leann does home help. Leanne does whatever.
And each of those Leanne does Iterations can be a separate domain or a sub-domain of Leanne
or a completely different domain that you link to, from the main trunk.

Now, those businesses may thrive, burgeon, almost be the entire tree.
After six months they may wither and die.

In which case,

  • take a chainsaw,
  • cut the branch off,
  • repair the damage with a bit of sealant,
  • put a wrap around it so it doesn't get infected,
  • and move on to the next branch and the next branch and the next branch.

But by knowing who you are, BE THAT
{In My Case for example}

  • Stuck In A Truck,
  • Review Wise,
  • Digital Marketing Answers,
  • Blue Collar Millionaires,
  • Dolcie Cappo,
  • BCM Marketing,
  • and on and on and on,
  • Truck Mate U.K.,
  • Inspired Mum,


All of these sites have my core DNA values within them.
And when you peel back those layers of any of those websites,
the core values of

  • truth,
  • integrity,
  • and honesty

are intrinsically part of that brand.

If one of them doesn't work, I'll just take it off the menu, slice it off the trunk, and patch it up and throw it away, then start another one.

I don't have to change my core authority.

How Exhausting?

Can you imagine if every time a tree grew a new branch, it had to pick its roots up, throw them away, plant another seed, and then sit there for 12 years waiting for the branch to sprout off a little sapling?
But as it reaches for the sky, it just keeps growing and evolving and growing but the core DNA remains the same.
Your audience will always relate to those core values.
You may have subsections of an audience who have different interests,
Your audience will always relate to who you are and what matters to you and your deal-breakers.

Deal Breakers?

A Deal Breaker/Not A Deal Breaker 
Different things matter to different people

If somebody didn't do something that they said they were going to do.
Some people don't give a shit.
If people just fall down on their word and don't do anything, “That's fine. There'll be a good reason for it.”

  • If somebody tells me something and they don't follow through, deal-breaker.
  • If somebody is dishonest with me, deal-breaker.

I have been like that since probably being seven years old, it was ingrained in me as a child.

I remember my dad coming out of the Hilton in Hong Kong and we were with him
He found this envelope on the floor and he looked in it and there were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of YEN or whatever the local currency was.
To the equivalent of about 100,000 Sterling in those days.
{I was seven, so we're going back 53 years.
It would have made Dad the equivalent of a millionaire, in today's money.
He could have put that in his briefcase and carried on.
He could have sooner done that as fly to the moon.
He picked it up, went back into the Hilton, went to reception and said,
“Can I see the General Manager?”
And said,
“Look, I've just found this on the pavement outside. I'm sure somebody will come and ask for it. This is who I am. Obviously, if nobody claims it, I'm here, but I'm sure somebody will.”

I still have the letter from the guy who's money that was.
He was so grateful.
The said,
“I enclosed a check for 100 pounds though. Knowing who you are,
I'm sure you won't bother cashing it, but know that I'm eternally grateful.
I just raised all that capital to invest in a new business.
You saved my life.”
The check that the bloke wrote to my dad was still there with the letter.
I found it when I was going through all his stuff and it means so much.

Now, those are deal-breaking values,
You know yours.
They form part of every website that I build and the trunk of the tree that is Steve Greenhalgh,
That is Leanne,
That is Trish,
That is Ali,
It is constant.
Because we know, in every website we build, it doesn't matter if you buy bill $5 or $500, every website has those intrinsic core values within them.
They can't do anything else because you've built the site.
It doesn't matter what you call it.
Who gives a rip? It's the content and the belief that goes into it that matters.


In The End, Names Do NOT Matter

Does That make sense?
I hope so.
I hope this helps some of you.
Get away from being hung up on a name.
Names only matter to the person who it belongs to.
Everybody else just wants to know what you're about.
They don't give a shit what you call yourself.
It is what it is. Okay. I hope that helps.

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