So today that statement, Do The Work, Do The Work. You'll be fine if you do the work.

Obesity Is A Case In Point

When I was very overweight, the medical profession in the UK really probably just don't have time to get super invested in the obesity crisis that is existing. And the message was plain and simple. Eat less, do more. Eat less, do more. I ate a hell of a lot less and I did a heck of a lot more. And the analogy is one of the power station, which is probably a bit baffling. But if you think of a coal powered power station, it produces for example, and I don't know the exact terms, but for every 100,000 tons of coal, it produces 250 million gigawatts of electricity, for example. Now, let's say during the miner's strike the company said, “Okay guys, we've got to conserve coal stocks and we can't afford to brown out completely or blackout. We've got to conserve them.” So they would produce on the amount of food that they had. They would reduce the work.

Stick With This Analogy

And our body's like a power station. If we do more and put less in, it goes into starvation mode and it holds onto all the resources. And that's why people get very ill dieting because the body thinks it's been starved. So it's hit automatic starvation mode. It doesn't shred fat. It doesn't utilize the stuff that's there. It tries to hold onto it during the lean times. Very, very scary. And so you go back to the doctor, and you've lost no weight, and you've hardly eaten anything, and you've been on a row machine or a treadmill for an hour every day burning calories like there's no tomorrow. But the only calories you're burning are those calories that you're getting from those little slivers of food that you've had. Complete misconception. And so when people say, do the work, you'll get the results.

What Is The Right Work

What work do they mean? What are they talking about, do the work? I remember having a conversation with Guy & Ilan Ferdman many years ago.
A couple of lads from the States that were very into self-empowerment and run a company called Satori Prime.
Really nice blokes, very good at Facebook marketing, exceptional on Facebook in fact.
Guy had this statement saying,

“If you're not getting the results, you're either not doing the work or you're not doing enough of the right work.”

So in other words, you can be intensely busy, but not focused on the right area of your business. And I see so many people in my role as a coach within the lifestyle business industry who are working 10, 12, 14, 15, 16 hours a day they believe.
Now, work to me doesn't necessarily have to be physical, but work has to have a result, which is income producing activity or it has to lead to income producing activity.

  • It can be:
  • lead generation,
  • onboarding of new clients,
  •  marketing,
  •  promotions.
  • or physically going out and picking up a shovel in your garden and moving soil because that will save you paying somebody else to do it.

<h2>Big Tip</h2>
Let me give you a tip. It's far easier you getting productive producing one good ad that leads to 500 new customers, so you can then pay a Humpty-Dumpty gardener 25 pounds an hour to go and shift the soil. It's called outsourcing. But we kid ourselves, “Well, I'm saving a fortune by doing this ourselves.” No, you're not. You're costing yourself a huge amount of money by not doing the right income-producing work. Hone those skills. Your income-producing activity, I guarantee you, is outside your comfort zone. You know what you should be focused on. It's either recording a video ad, talking to a new customer, making a phone call to contact a lead, having a conversation with somebody to handle their objections or not.

<h2>Lean Into What Scares You</h2>
Getting into graphics that you've never done before.
Getting on to video cameras, creating sales videos, creating content video.
Working smart, doing the right work.
When I worked out with weight loss,
I actually needed quality calories going in to help me burn off the stored foodstuffs, the fats.
And that I couldn't really exercise properly without energy and power, life suddenly changed.
I think doing the right work, doing enough of the right work, will always generate the results.
Do enough of the right work for long enough, you will succeed. Another slant on that, if you think you've been doing the right work for six months and you're exactly where you were six months ago, you weren't doing the right work.
Just a tip, little hint.
That's aimed at me as much as anybody else, by the way.

<h2>Six months is long enough.</h2>

Sometimes nine, sometimes 12.
But realistically, I think as Brendan Burchard says,
“There's nothing you can't change in your life in the next six months.”
Six months is long enough.
Sometimes you've got to quit doing the wrong thing, start doing the right thing.
Where are you building your audience?

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And it's not a thing about sub for sub, because that… I can go into groups and sub for sub, but when Lorry drivers come onto my YouTube channel and they see 400 pretty little girls who are flapping around in their pink fluffies, there's a bit of a disconnect.
You know what I mean? So sub for sub doesn't always work, but we can support ourselves and help each other get likes and views. View rate is as important as subscribers. Let's work together. Let's work smart. Okay?
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