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Content Creation

Hi, today we're talking about content and why content creation is so important. I think whether you're into organic or paid marketing, underpinning your marketing with content that provides value is probably the most important part of building your audience. And as with all things, building an audience is one thing, having a lot of numbers on an email list or having a huge number of subscribers is great. But if those subscribers don't relate to you or have a relationship with you or find what you're sharing valuable, it's pointless.

The Money Is In The List

Everybody used to say, “Oh, the money's in the list. The money's in the list.” In one way, yes, but I think the truth of that statement is that the money is in your relationship with the list. Do the people on that list or do your subscribers know I can trust you? And a great way of building that relationship is underpinning everything you do with ongoing content so that people get a real idea of who you are and what you're about. Hopefully going through stuckinatruck.com and going through the YouTube channel, you will see my background, you'll see my values.

We Are By Definition Our Values

My values are very simple, family, friends, wealth creation, but only wealth creation by helping other people. I hate the thought of ripping someone off, I can't. This is why I don't really like trading because I always feel that my gain is somebody else's loss. I love providing value and I really love helping other people. The other important facet is yes, I coach an awful lot of people in the online space. However, I'm only ever as good as the last coaching session I have where I'm able to talk to my coach or coaches so that I can refresh where I'm coming from, check in to make sure that my thought processes are still good, and maintain that positive mindset. It's really, really important.

Master Minding Is Crucial

One thing that I found in working online is the ability to work within a mastermind situation, where I'm working with other people who keep me on point. I think having that team and having that ability to check-in isn't being checked upon. But I love the opportunity, number one, to bounce ideas off other people. Number two, it just keeps you on point. Sometimes in the online world, in the offline world, you don't see the forests for the trees. Everything is up close, and sometimes you just need to take a step back or you need somebody else's perspective to help you take that step back.

In Summary

So in summary, building a relationship with your subscribers and your audience is more important than actually building the number of people in that list or building the breadth of your audience, your relationship with your audience. If you have a good relationship with a small audience, that's going to be more beneficial for you and for them than having a massive audience that you've got no relationship with. The ability to mastermind and a true mastermind, I don't just mean coming together and blowing hot air up each other. I mean, coming together, sharing problems, looking for solutions, that ability to have people that you can work with will set you apart.

Looking Back…

And I think the only time going back over the online journey that I've had in the last eight, nine years, the periods of optimum growth have been when I've worked collaboratively with other people and those partnerships have grown and changed. It's always dynamic, but I can clearly see where my massive spurts of growth have come from. And it's always when I've been working in association with other people whose opinions I really trust, but who really keeps me on point and hold me accountable to that which I'm saying I want to achieve. And I think having that level of accountability is truly important. Okay, I'm going to quit now and I'm going to go. Speak to you all soon. You take care, have a great week.

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