In this video, I am responding to ShoaaaGT's comment from the first video about Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Check it out here :-
Hi, welcome back to Stuck in a Truck. Really good to see you.
, I want to follow up on the video from last week, which was “How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.”
Something has been asked in the comments and I'm going to read that question.

It comes from ShoaaaGT, and it says,

“I feel that if I do go out and do the thing I'm afraid to do, and then I stop for a while, I feel the fear again. Why?”

Brilliant question. 

I did answer it in the comment section underneath that video.
What's going on here,HONESTLY, one little trip outside your comfort zone isn't going to completely eradicate fear forever. Okay?You've built up these fears, these experiences over a lifetime, and our subconscious is aware and is doing everything it can to keep us in that place of safety.Now, if you imagine, just think of a pot of paint, a pot of red paint, okay.

That's a representation of our experience to date.

Practice Is the Only Way to Build Up Strength 

When we go outside of our comfort zone and understand about fear, and get used to the fear, and realize that it's not a life or death experience, that's like putting a dab of green paint into that pot of red.
It doesn't change all the paint to green.
It probably doesn't even register. Probably doesn't change it at all.

You've got to put a lot of green paint into that red paint to even get to gray or neutral, right?
So it's a massive amount of green paint to change the red pot to green permanently.
I'd be surprised if anybody ever loses all their fears. But I think what you can do, the more you keep practicing going outside of that comfort zone, you can grow …

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

It's like you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Okay.
And that fear, if you channel that fear and recognize it for what it is, maybe call it excitement, change its name and say,
“Okay, I know I'm going to be excited,” and it will really help, right.
Rather than go, “Oh God, I'm scared.”
Change your name for the fear into excitement and get good at going out there.
Get used to being uncomfortable.
The more you do, the easier it gets.
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 ShoaaaGT, thanks ever so much for your comment. I truly appreciate it.
Anybody else got any questions? Bring them in.

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